The Art of Gregg

I have come accross a few articles online about Gregg used as art.  What an interesting paradox!  A writing system specifically designed for utilitarian purposes “reduced” to a visual art.  I would love to see examples.  Where can i find them?

That one site about the breast cancer pin was neat. 
Any other Gregg outlines that look like the words they spell?  I wonder if there are any that look like the opposite of what they spell…

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  1. In the earlier days, Gregg Shorthand symbols were used to create visual art, such as turkeys, little bo peep, mary and her little lamb, famous old cars, elk, etc…  In fact these shorthand symbols which created a picture were used as contest winnings for junior high, high school and colleges.  Medals were awarded and most of the time their shorthand art was given high acknowledgement in "The Gregg Writer" magazine for stenographers.  In the first packet mailed, you will notice alot of shorthand projects using shorthand symbols.  Some of these drawings are also shown as an illustration in case the students would like to earn extra credit.   Bye.  Ms. Letha  

  2. I forgot to mention earlier that the shorthand art created by many students and schools were not just jumbled shorthand.  There was a "key" for all of the shorthand characters.  The shorthand symbols did not have to tell a story, but they had to create a uniform list…such as brief forms, abbreviations, etc…

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