Warm Up ?

In the Links  section there’s a website shorthand, shorthand, shorthand, and it suggests doing a warm up before starting.  Do you do this?  I never have, but it’s not a bad idea.  If you do, what do you do?

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  1. Oh, yes!  I never miss a warm-up.  I start with some jumping jacks, do 60 crunches, then polish it off with 20-400 pushups.   Just kidding; I don't warm up.

  2. Hi, Debbie.   I NEVER warmed up when I was young and using my shorthand every day.  While a person is first learning shorthand and correct proportion,   However, now that I'm writing shorthand for long periods (for shorthand reading lessons) and am considerably older, I have found that doing a page or two of elementary consonant blends before I begin writing at length, actually helps limber my hand and wrists joints.    Ms. Letha  🙂  

  3. As a violinist who practices anywhere from three to six hours a day, I would recommend that you do even a two minute session right before you write for an extended period of time. You'll find you right better, and long-term effects (though minor, still there) will be attenuated greatly.   1) With arms outstretched, slowly pull back your hands, with palms flat and fingers straight out and together, knuckles towards your face, and then swivel the wrists all the way the other way, so your fingers point to the ground. 10 times, SLOWLY.   2) Stretch all your fingers out as FAR as you can, holding it for two Mississippi seconds, and then scrunch them up into tight fists, for another two Mississippi seconds, 10 times.   3) Finally, with your hands loose and relaxed, rotate your wrists as far around as you can, 360 degrees, slowly, 10 times IN EACH DIRECTION (total of 20) for balance.   Don't crack your knuckles.   You'll find that you feel relaxed, almost like you've had a brief two minutes or so of meditation, and you're more focused. In addition, of course, your fingers and joints are warmed up, more supple, and you will experience better writing. I know that it takes less time for me to warm up when playing violin when I've started with this routine, and there's no reason writing (short or long-hand) should be any different.
    Just try it out. It's not a time-guzzler.

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