Spelling Confusion

Sometimes while shorthand is still on the tip of my brain, my hand will try to keep spelling in shnd evnaf iv swichd to lnghnd. Am I retarded?

(by johnsapp for everyone)

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  1. Reading old posts is hilarious! And this one made me LOL!   John, I don't think anyone would go so far as to call you the politically incorrect "retarded," (tho i love the sound of it, too) but I can comment on the lack of responses to your post.   But, in fact, I do continue to spell in shorthand even when i switch to typing — so i've added the shorthand outlines to my autocorrect in MSWord — eg. ab = about. There are others but they are escaping my (older) brain at the moment.

  2. My brain and hand continue to try to spell in shorthand even after I've switched to long hand too. It's kind of like when you have just finished listening to a really good song and your foot keeps on tapping.    BTW,  is the shorthand outline p-u-nk-u-t in Lesson 31 > 268. Conversation Check List, written in longland as punctuate? Thanks.

  3. Not writing the words out fonetirole (that's fonetiro anuf yah?) persay. But I'll sometimes be reading stuff I wrote in longhand and see little dots where "a" or "an" should be and a couple "not"s and "I"s written in shorthand along with everything else. Other than that, I just write with some terrible spelling! It normally takes me about 10 minutes before my brain's writed the rongs thoroughly. Speaking of which, I DID learn the German word for snow today! It's so cute…it's SCHNEE! (Or that's how you pronounce it at least)…like Capt Hook's Schmee with an N and a cuteness about it that a fat, flapper footed fubble-dub could never attain to. U(N SO)T ./[tyler]

  4. Tyler — so glad you've returned to keep us entertained!   I hope at some future date I'll be able to take notes like i type: in my ear, out my fingers. Sometimes if you were to ask me what i just typed from a tape, i might not be able to tell you! Copy typing is worse — unless i have to proof or edit, none of it impinges on my consciousness.   I'd love to be able to write gregg like that!    

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