How long have you guys been doing this?

Hey there everyone!
I just started doing Gregg shorthand (Centennial Version) a couple of months ago and I was wondering how long the other people in the group have been doing it and how often you guys use it. I practice a few times a week but I haven’t gotten into the habit of using it daily or for taking notes. I’m still learning.
Also, in the Centennial version, if you want to write a word like “home-less-ness” you have to write out the whole thing, all the sounds, no short forms. Is it faster to write a word like this in another version? For example, there are no “-less” or “-ness” shortforms in the Centenial version, are there in others? I’m getting frustrated with my lack of speed and I think I might study another version.

(by randomjetlag for everyone)

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  1. I've been writing Simplified Gregg for just over two years now. I don't actually "practice" although I'm trying to find time to do such in between my other hobbies. As far as simply using it, I use it daily! Whenever I have a note to write down, shopping list, personal writings, most anything! I suppose this will compensate adequately for the present lack of practicing.   In Simplified and the two earlier versions, I know that it is spelled "H-O-M-L-N-E-S" as "L" is short for "less" as a suffix. "-ness" doesn't have an abbreviation in these versions, and I would highly doubt it was added in DJ, S90, or Centenial as these were all pretty much trimmed down versions of whatever came before it respectivly. As far as you thinking about "upgrading" to a new version, may I suggest Simplified or DJ? Simplified is convenient as Barnes and Noble currently has "The Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified" in stock. DJ is also very popular and wouldn't be hard to find on ebay. Of course, Simplified's a bit faster, takes a bit longer to learn; DJ's speed suffers slightly, but has an easier memory load.   By the way, where did you find a Centenial book? I'm a collector of Gregg books and Centenial is the only version I don't have anything on…I have dozens of all the others though : ) ./[tyler]

  2. Hi Random, welcome aboard. I believe Centennial is the current official version of Gregg, according to the publisher. Cool! I'm a beginner like you, but my advice is don't worry too much about writing out the long words. All versions of Gregg are way faster than longhand, and more brief forms and shortcuts may cause more mental hesitation while writing.

  3. Hello Random.  I'm Ms. Letha.  Yes, there are short forms for the word "homelessness".  Take your pick from the following versions:   The Pre-Ann version = h-o-m-l-n.  The l = less, the n = ness. The Ann & Simplified= h-o-m-l-n-e-s.  The l = less. The Notehand, DJS, Series90 and Centennial versions all spell out the word (the long way) in the order of the way it sounds, h-o-m-l-e-s-n-e-s.   I hope this helps you to determine which version you'd like to master first, then pick and choose from the other versions the shortcuts that make the most sense to you.   Welcome to MSN!  🙂

  4. Hey randomjetlag…                I'm a newbie too, and I started studying Simplified on the 5th of August (yes, I'm charting my progress). Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your purview, I am a college student without work waiting for school to start, so I plunged myself into theory study (essentially, reading, recognizing forms) hours a day, and I'm already done with a fourth of all the theory sections (and I'm reading without referring to keys). What I'm trying to say is that the memory load isn't really that bad in Simplified, and most of the short forms are extremely intuitive. It seems, as I've said before, that Simplified draws a good line between being really fast and having lots of/few 'brief forms,' along with Diamond Jubilee, and offers a foundational medium for someone who would like to later on choose his/her own preferred, as Ms. Letha (our resident Gregg guru) mentioned, array of brief forms.   Hey, Ms. Letha… if psetus isn't into the dictionary, I'd be willing to take it off your hands (w/ remuneration), as I yet have none. 

  5. Hi psetus,   Thanks for the info on Simplified and DJ. I'm definitely gonna get the Simplified book and maybe the DJ book if I can to see how they're different from Centenial.   I got the Centennial book from a correspondence course. A few years ago I thought about taking a long distance course on shorthand. I ordered the textbook but I never got around to taking the course. It was from the University of Texas or Tennessee or something. I think it started with a T. So a few months ago I started studying from the book myself.   I found the book at It's called Gregg Shorthand: Dictation and Transcription by Charles E. Zoubek.   When I started, I didn't know that there were lots of different versions of shorthand, I just took what the University gave me. Thanks again for the info!

  6. Thanks sephardicjew,   I'm looking into the Simplified version. I hope I can get to the point where I can actually take transcription of someone speaking at normal speed. A person can dream…   Anyhow, for anyone who's interested I found an interesting web site where a person posted 38 pages of an old Gregg Shorthand book, both the right-handed and left-handed versions. Any lefties out there?

  7. Thanks for the offer Ms Letha. But I'll pass the offer on to sephardicjew…"as he yet has none." : ) Besides, other than 2 below average quality doubles of original and anniversary manuals, I don't have any doubles of anything that I could trade you for! : ( I just got my first Anniversary dictionary though! Signed by the man, Gregg, himself! Unfortunately, it's also signed by the man, Ray Springen, himself…he he…why do people write their names in books?!?!? I just don't understand it! Oh well. ./[tyler]

  8. No Random, I use Simplified, but the forward of my Simplified dictionary talks about the benefits of spelling out the long words.  According to the studies described by the authors, the reason for dropping more brief forms is not that it makes learning easier, but it actually makes writing faster.

  9. John Boy!  Your shorthand name IS NOT UGLY!  Have you forgotten our famous inventor's name is John?  You can even write your last name two directions.  Most people can only write their first/last name one way.    Your first name reminds me of a sailboat moving fast in the water and someone is sitting on the edge of the "o" and holding onto the sail pole with one hand while their hair and other arm is blowing in the wind!   Teehee!  I love it!  Your name is not ugly!   Would you rather have Dr. Gregg's last name that looks like a giant spider?  My name looks like an upside down embryo.  If I write it another direction, it looks like a right-side up embryo!  Now, after thinking on these examples, doesn't the fast-moving sailboat sound better?  🙂  Ms. Letha  

  10. LOL, thanks for the vivid imagery…and I just finished lunch, too.  How did you know I love to sail?  of it as a sailboat, I really like sThe reason I dislike my signature is that it is so verticle, with the J and the P.  It looks more like symbols than handwriting, like yours and Eric's names.  I will try to think ailing.  Also, its funny I never connected the fact that John Gregg had to write the same ugly symbol.  Does anyone have a copy of his shorthand signature?  Maybe I can copy it.

  11. Hi Random. It's Ms. Letha. Here is the shortcut for "homelessness" from the dictionary if it helps you to see it written.

    I do have some "old" textbooks but they are not in "mint" condition, so you may wish to try your luck on the ebay auction screens instead for your Simplified manuals.

    In any case, here's a picture for you. Bye. 🙂

    Attachment: scan.jpg

  12. It's signed in longhand. I would put up a copy of it if it were in shorthand…but as we already have a longhand copy posted, it would be superfluous.   Speaking of divine things to possess: I just got a true mint Aesop's Fables in Gregg a week ago. It was perfect! No age marks, scratches, blotches, knicked pages. You know that old book smell? That heavenly thing? It's even more heavenly when you know a book should have it because of how old it is, but has only a slight hint of it because of how perfectly it's kept! That's a beautiful thing! It was as though I lived in 1910 and went to the bookstore and bought it! I put it back in the packaging because I was at work and was going to keep it in there until I got home. Well I couldn't wait and took it out once more at work…when I did, it caught on the tape of the plastic wrap, and now the back has a 1.5×0.5 inch scuff where it pulled some of the paper off! It isn't torn through or bent, but it's an obvious scuff in a would-be perfect book! I was soooooooo mad! I don't get angry or mad…my personallity doesn't understand the concept really as I have a much more introvert personality…but if I ever was mad…it would've been then! *sigh* Well I'm over it now…and there's only one thing to do now…look for another mint copy!! lol ./[tyler]

  13. I just got my Aesop's Fables just a few days back. It's not in real good condition but it came with the transcript so that's a nice plus.

    I just keep bidding online until I get a decent copy of what I want in my collection.

    Even if you never come across another "true mint", you'll certainly be glad you received this one with the obvious scuff rather than none, I suppose.

  14. Thanks Ms. Letha,   It's not what I expected. "Homeless" and "Homelessness" look almost exactly the same to me. Except maybe the "L" in "Homelessness" is flatter. But I just got the Simplified Manual and I'm reading it now. So far I like how it has more brief forms to increase writing speed. Even if I can't remember all of them, I'm sure I'll use some.   Thanks again!

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