Spud, The Shorthand Ferret

I tried last night to transfer this drawing into “The Art of Gregg” message board, but it would not even let me type a subject title.  Thus, the separate message post on Gregg Art.  John, if you can move this over under “The Art of Gregg” message, that would be great!

Anyway, Spud is a baby boy ferret that will soon be arriving for my oldest son.  The excitement that the ferret would soon be home was on my mind when I decided to create a shorthand drawing of my own.  I know the drawing is not a baby ferret, but too bad!  It’s Spud, grown up!  🙂  It took me 3 trys before I thought this picture would be acceptable to post.  The shorthand symbols are upside down, sideways and all other sorts of directions.  Happy head turning!
I hope you all enjoy the squigglies.  Thank you, Kelly for providing the nice border frame.  The “key” (words I used in shorthand) is also available.  Ms. Letha  🙂

(by shorthandteach for everyone)

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  1. 1) Wow.   2) I saw some of your other writing: your shorthand is beautiful; just as good, if not better, than the model writing in the manuals!   3)

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