Question regarding “Refresher” Books

Hey all,

I know I’m not even done with theory yet (currently on Chapter 19 with about 20 wpm reading speed) but I just happened to see this on the net “Refresher Course in Gregg Shorthand Simplified by Madeline S. Strony,” sans description, and wondered as to its value. I’m just curious as to whether, after I’m done with the official Manual, this would prove a beneficial adjunct text, say, for reinforcement, or if its just a waste of $6.00 (+s/h).

Anyone familiar with it?

(by sephardicjew for everyone)

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  1. I think the refresher course would only be needed if you want more reading material and more practice material.  Or if you haven't used your shorthand for a while.  For me, one job didn't require it for a long time, then I changed jobs and took notes in meetings, so I found a second book (like a refresher book) and that helped me.  If you feel you need more after this book, then you may want to look into it.  That's my opinion anyway… Debbi

  2. I just noticed there's a copy of the DJ "Refresher Course" offered on e-bay this morning for $5.00.   I personally think this book is a great summary and presentation of the theory.  It's a nice addition to anyone's library who is interested in the DJ series.    Alex

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