Teach Yourself Shorthand

One of the more interesting books in the history of Gregg shorthand is this title in the “Teach Yourself” series, published by the English Universities Press.  The authors were Ernest W. Crockett and F. Addington Symonds.  It was published in 1943, and reprinted in 1944 and 1947.
Once in a while a copy comes up on E-Bay or at abebooks.com. 
If you’re familiar at all with this series, the shorthand book follows the same format and “tone”, with lots of suggestions for self-study techniques. 
There’s a book with the same title about Pitman shorthand, so if you’re looking for this one be sure you check the authors and/or description. 
Obviously because of the date, the system is the Anniversary system.

(by alex for everyone)

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