Dr. Gregg Cypher

Kelly, you asked what was written on the cover of the Gregg Writer magazine pictured on your website (which is ubercool by the way, and everone should check it out for dictation recordings and entertaining reading material downloadable in PDF format.)  I believe it says
Good tidings and good wishes for the New Year
Uh.. is there a prize for this thing?  I could use a new set of spark plugs.  Just kidding!
(…but I really could)

(by johnsapp for everyone)

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  1. My prize bag is fresh empty, LOL  Just kind of a little challenge to see who all knew what it said.  I am still trying to cypher the one you have on the opening MSN page. DON'T TELL ME. I'll get it soon as I finish a few more lessons. I need to clarify the Website.  Its really not my website.  It is something I created as a thank you for Teach for the classes I am receiving from her, to try and entice her into getting a site and letting me kind of develope it for her… guess what!!!!   It worked!!!!  She is getting a site this week, LOL. Everyone keep watching the site develope, It is http://www.shorthandclasses.com Anyone who wants to send me their drawings and such, I will put them up and will surely give you all the credit.  shhhhh…. I snuck up a couple of Johns drawings, check them out.  I really like them, Made one of them the top theme pic, 🙂 Hope everyone participates, Kelly   John, I'll try to get those faries to get thoes spark plugs put in the prize bag, you know how tempermental they can be, 🙂 j/k

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