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I’ve enjoyed your everybody’s responses. I am, frankly, surprised at how young some of the members are. I wonder how you learned about Gregg and became interested in it.

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  1. Well I don't think I'm terribly young (our youngest member is 13 that I know of), but at 25, I'm even surprised at myself for liking such an old fashioned thing as shorthand. The reason is the same I like anything. Its ubercooool!

  2. I'm 18 and've been interested in writing systems since I started experimenting with my handwriting in grade school. I'd learned a plethora of other writing systems (like Theban, Tengwar, Vine, and others) and concocted my own writing system based off of the Voynich Manuscript before I discovered Gregg. Calligraphy and writing systems are main hobbies of mine (which explains why my handwriting is as it is for those who've received letters from me), so when I came across the idea of shorthand, through I believe, I saw it as another little interesting something to take a stab at. Though I didn't think it was very pretty (not as pretty as some of the other systems), I quickly discovered its ingenuity and how wonderful it felt to write it, and've been hooked since 🙂 The little frustrations and disgusts I've had with some things, particularly affixes, have all quickly passed when I allowed myself to acclimate to their presence and realized their efficiency and purpose. Now I can't seem to do without initially-confusing things like disjointed past tense or the multipurpose -shay ending 🙂

  3. Well…I'm 19…and kindof having an early-life-crisis about it. Time's just flying by and I don't know where it's going!! AUGH! (I'm actually serious about this, silly as is sounds…I had a month long bout of depression over this before I was about to turn 19) But, I was kindof thinking about how neat and keen shorthand would be when I was about 15-16, then forgot about it for a time. Then I happened across the book "Dracula" (I'm not a horror fan by any means…just read it cause it's a classic…but man!! It's an amazing book!) And in it, two or three of the main characters wrote shorthand and there are numerous mentions of it throughout the book. That just about did it for me, and I was at Barnes and Noble the next day (well…I'm always at B&N "the next day"…but this time I had purpose!) and searched for something Shorthand. I found Gregg Simplified, looked over it, went home, looked online, compared it with Pitmann as the only decent alternative, looked at my pens, thought about the horrors of variable width lines, bought the Gregg book, then I ate one of those poppyseed Costco muffins! Mmmmmm   That's my story…that was my song… *insert piano intro, I grab the mic* This is my story, this is my SONG,
    Praising my Savior, all the day long!!!!!!!!!!   And the hall is empty…so some music does get old with time. Pray forgive my "non sequitorianality," but you'd be wishing for this as a welcome relief if you ever had to come across my cacography in writing : ) Speaking of cacography…etymology is fascinating, no? And isn't it amusing some of the things you can come up with? Cacography, (caco – ugly, graphy – writing), calligraphy (calli – beautiful), callipygian (pyge – buttox)…so callipygian basically means "cute butt." Hehehehehe…no? Not funny? Oh!! I forgot…most of you passed 2nd grade…sorry…I'll try and "keep the tact."  Cheerio! ./[tyler]

  4. Ohh yes, Costco food… You could walk around there and have an entire meal from samples alone. I'm particularly fond of their danishes 😀

    How long've you been studying shorthand, Tyler? I've been having a go at it since I think mid-June. At least that's when I signed up here. I'm quite pleased to look over notes I wrote even two weeks ago and note where I could've used a brief form or where my blends weren't as they should be (though I still think it looks nicer to write k-o-l instead of k-ol). It's a good way to gage how I'm coming along, especially since I'm particularly forgetful and always worry that I'm never using anything I learned. =P

  5. I'm not young (wait until you hit your 30, 35 birthday… talk about midlife crises and depression…anyway), I did learn it when I was young.  I tried learning Gregg (I think the anniversary edition, then DJS), but the concept was tough for me.  I was learning to be a secretary.  So I took a night class in Speedwriting (longhand letters used.  They didnt have a Gregg night class offered, just a bruch up) and then learned Gregg DJS on my own.  I was around 20 or so.  I've used it off and on since then.  But I really enjoy using it.  Debbi

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