Movies with people who used shorthand?

I know there are some oldies, but I wouldn’t know which ones… but what are some movies with characters that used shorthand?  Might be fun to watch some… I thought of this because my daily calendar is a trivia one and Gene Kelly played a reporter in the 1960 film Inherit the Wind, so I’m thinking his character “wrote” shorthand… but not sure, don’t think I saw it…

(by debbiavon1 for everyone)

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  1. Oh, I do know of one!  9 to 5.  Dolly Parton played a secretary and in one scene she goes into her bosses office to take dictation.  Oh, and the administrative assistant is listening to other ladies in the ladies room and taking notes on toilet paper LOL.  I think she may have been writing in shorthand but not sure… she wasn't sure if her notes were 100% accurate as they were a little fuzzy… (that's one of my favorite shows, obviously). Debbi

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