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Does anyone know of a copy of Most Used Congressional Phrases. I’m interested in buying a copy that conforms to the Simplified (1949-1963) version. Thanks Brian

(by bjb29407 for everyone)

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  1. I have the Anniv version of that book and it is a pretty good reference.  I have a recommendation though — if you live near Washington DC, you can go to the Library of Congress.  They have the both versions of book in their stacks.  The books do not circulate, which permits anyone to make copies of the book right there (20 cents/page).  It is a small book (60 pages).  I have done the same for hard-to-find references – make copies there, then scan and make pdfs at home.   Your other bet is Ebay.

  2. Thanks for advice. I have one copy of that book, and I was looking for a second copy.   I'm just fascinated to chat other who share my interest in Gregg, especially the advanced features. brian

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