Minute Speed Drills


I found this exercise in an old issue of the Gregg Writer, and I decided to post it because I found it interesting.  Although it may seem a little repetitious, it should give you an idea of difficulties in keeping proportion and accurate transcription when writing fast.


Instructions: Practice each of the following sentences first for accuracy of form and proportion.  Then when you feel that you have the motion, making note of how many words you are able to write in repeating that sentence over and over for one minute.  When you have practiced through each sentence this way, go back to sentence one and practice it again for accuracy and proportion, then note what speed you can make it without losing control of the outlines.
After writing through each sentence this way several times, time yourself on the entire twenty-five.  Put those notes away to br transcribed next day without reference to the key and see whether you can read them easily.  The sentences are purposely worded to force accurate writing at your top speed and develop “carrying” unusual content:
1.  May ate two today and might eat another each day.
2.  When near any money, take care of how and on what dates you use it.
3.  He can gain facility in writing only by practicing outlines at high speed.
4.  Drawing strokes only tends to cause one’s writing to become slow.
5.  Move the hand to a new line with no lost motion.
6.  Lift the pen only high enough to clear the paper.
7.  Insert the finger beneath the sheet and raise the paper as you near the end of the second column of writing.
8.  The time extended to give attention to their entries does not mean that they are exempt from either payment or reporting of income taxes.
9.  Put the blueberry pie on the plate and see that each boy gets a piece.
10. Feel free to have every outline submitted for friendly criticism.
11. Fluency is never gained without a volume of work on frequently found joinings.
12. Time spent between outlines is not time devoted to writing; therefore, one must glide rapidly from one word to another.
13. Peal the church bell when the mortgage and bills are paid.
14. The children got jelly and candy for all of their cash and then wanted the candidate to get them a cantaloupe.
15. Test how many words you can retain in your mind while writing shorthand sentences of different lengths.
16. If you rank high, you may fill out a blank and attach a bank check for a ring with the shorthand emblem on it.
17. It would be dreadful to treat a debt as if it were not due and payable on the date the lender expected and needed his money.
18. Promptness in beginning to write when one’s pen reaches a new line is a shorthand speed asset.
19. He can give me a key to the egg basket for a week.
20. I can give care to the Georgia girl with the aching back.
21. A great many people go to the glen with the girl in the closed car.
22. Return the remittance real soon after you reach here and receive it.
23. Where rates are raised rapidly, our résumé indicates that fact.
24. Learn to leave the line at the middle of the L.
25. Devote different hours to the gentleman’s pending work.


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