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Hello, all. Add me to the list of new but eager Gregg users. I’m an planning analyst with a utility in Phoenix, and I’ve recently begun learning shorthand. (I attend a lot of conferences and presentations, which I need to later distill into reports. The jargon — and my unfamiliarity with some of the subject matter — means that I’m getting left behind in meetings.)

So I’ve got a simplified manual and I’ve downloaded the PDF linked to in another discussion, and these have been very useful. But I’d like to take a class. No one offers one around here. I don’t really know what to make of the various online correspondence courses that I’ve Googled for.

I’m heading up to Colorado for a major utility conference in late Nov. and I really want to be at least passable for note-taking (not dictation — I have no illusions about how long that will take) by then. Possible?

Is anyone here teaching a course? or can anyone recommend a course? Many thanks.

(by stumblingrugger for everyone)

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  1. Have you checked into all the ideas from the beginner (link) post?  If you have, then I'm not sure, maybe someone else will be able to help. I think you could do some note taking by late Nov.  And since you want to transcribe your notes into reports, you will want to read your own notes/lessons you write down.  One idea I had is that I had in a speedwriting shorthand (longhand-shorthand) night class was to write the lesson material on one side (left side) of the steno book (to the center line) then after I wrote the entire lesson, go back and write it on the other side of the page from my notes on the left side.  Good luck. Debbi

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