Swem’s Systematic Speed Course

I have downloaded in the files section the article by Charles Lee Swem that originally appeared in the Gregg Writer (December 1925) and later in the first edition of Gregg Speed Building, about his method of attaining high speeds.  The file name is systematic-speed-course.pdf.

(by Carlos for everyone)

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  1. As I work through my Simplified manual, I've found myself asking, "what next?" Do I start the manual over again to reinforce the rules, do I buy a new book, or do I just practice taking dictation from TV etc.? Mr. Swem's suggestions are exactly what I needed: a proven, structured speedbuilding strategy. And from a reporter of the Supreme Court, impressive! Thanks very much for posting. Now if only I could sit down and finish this manual…

  2. You might want to look for the book "Twenty Shortcuts to Shorthand Speed" by Clyde Insley Blanchard (Gregg Publishing Company, 1939).    It has lots of practical suggestions for speed building, largely focused on how teachers can help students improve their speed.    Alex

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