Lessons In Shorthand Penmanship

Well, my third (and final, for this week!) project has been to scan and upload to “Documents” the 1902 booklet “Lessons in Shorthand Penmanship” by Dr. Gregg. 

The files are all named “Penmanship”, and start with Title Page, then pages 3 through 15. 
Once again, they’re .pdf files, which are big and take a while to load, but they give you good images and if you print them you should get a good “facsimile” of the document.
I’ll plan to leave my files in “Documents” at least through October. 

alex for everyone)


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  1. If there is additional interest in penmanship improvement, I can post a series of articles that appeared in the Gregg Writer and expand on the booklet that Alex posted.  I have also an article which lists common faults in writing in general, and what to do to correct each fault.  Both series of articles are very helpful.

  2. The Gregg Writer gave a LOT of attention to penmanship over the years, probably more in the early decades than in the 40's and 50's.  Almost every issue had a rather lengthy article about penmanship or related issues.   The hardest thing for me would be to decide what to post, out of such a wealth of material.  If you decide to post a particular series, let me know if you're missing any parts–I may be able to help you fill in a particular issue.    Alex

  3. No problem.  Sorry about the multiple files, but I don't have a way to
    make a single multi-document file.  I'll leave these on the site for a
    while longer, but will probably remove them at the end of the month.

  4. I'm really sorry I missed this document post — can anyone email it to me?   Have made great strides in legibility and ease of writing since studying Fuss & Feathers, but, of course, WANT MORE!   Thanx   Billy (sidhetaba)

  5. Oh, Nathan, I can relate to your comments about penmanship. I used to get middle-of-the-road marks in penmanship in grade school. But when I got to medical school, everyone commented on what good handwriting I had. I guess it's what you're used.   My shorthand has always been consistently of high quality, almost as if it had come out of a textbook. My handwriting rarely if ever looks that good.   Brian

  6. I have a question about penmanship since mine leaves a bit to be desired. Is it something that will come naturally after more practice, or is it something I should focus on completely from the start? My shorthand is legible just fine, but the words and curves don't have that nice lilt that the ones in the book do. For example, my Ls and Rs curve most in the middle, not at the beginning. I can see where to improve but don't know how to go about it 😮

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Erik   If you haven't read fuss-and-feathers.pdf in documents section, I found that helped quite a lot w/ my penpersonship. (Forgive me, a child of the anti-sexist 60's.)   My r's and l's also looked rounder in the middle, and not like Charles Rader's at all.  Now they almost look like his, in only a few days! Who knew this could be so exciting!   Billy (sidhetaba)

  8. sidhetaba: I have read it and notice even more things about my writing: it's not at all flowing or smooth and I have a hard time keeping consistent proportion 😛 If I try to write more quickly, I make more mistakes but it's more flowing and relaxed. If I slow down to figure out every outline before I write it, there aren't mistakes but it looks "traced".

    Is there some technique of writing I can practice to improve my penmanship? I've noticed ensuring my hand is relaxed helps a little…

    John: Thanks 😛 I had a few really busy months with school and work and was a little discouraged by how ugly my penmanship was back then too so I stopped using shorthand for a while. I'm back at it though since I have lots more free-time and my longhand is operose to write 'cos it's fancy 😛

  9. Erik: I'm compelled to tell you that I DO NOT qualify as an expert.  This, however, is what happened to me.  I write straight up and down in long hand. I've tried to make it more right slanted, but I just can't, and besides it looks really ugly when I do that.   So, one short sentence in Ruffled Feathers said: turn your pad to get the best angle for you.   Which is what I did, and lo and behold, the curves started appearing in the right place, and then I could relax into the writing. Just one such simple thing really made a big difference. I can send you pre and post samples, if you like.   Billy (sidhetaba)

  10. Guess I should experiment more with finding the right curve. I notice that when I write, I tend to get the cascading-lines effect where I end up sinking a good two or three inches by the end of the line.

    Ms.Letha also gave me some excellent advice that's already helping: drills and spelling tests! Pick ten words/phrases that are hard for you to write well (for me they're ones with blends like "people", "with them", "can be"), and make a little test out of them where you write each one four times slowly and neatly, and as you get a handle on each one, you take it off the list (over a period of a few days if you need to). And drills are helping me a lot… you pick letters/blends you'd like to do better and make sentences with lots of them in it. My PLs and BLs really suck so I wrote "Please place the purple pills below the blue dubloon blithely" a few times and they're better already 🙂

  11. Alex,

    Do you still have available a .pdf copy of "Lessons in Shorthand Penmanship"? I would love to get a copy of the file if possible. Is it too large to email?


    Do you still have the articles available from the Gregg Writer expanding on shorthand penmanship as well as the articles on common faults and corrections? If so, I would appreciate greatly any copies that you might have in electronic format.

    Thanks so much. I find that although I am learning to read shorthand, my ability to write legible shorthand is severely hampered by my poor penmanship.

  12. Sorry, I don't have the scans any more . . . we had a major computer melt down a while back and I lost a lot of files.    I still have the original . .  it's just a matter of finding time to re-scan it.    Alex

  13. I have the pdf files stored on a disc. Does that help? There are 15 pages counting the title page. Each page is a separate pdf file. The total weight is 9.6 mb. Would some one like me to email it to them so they can post it? Is there an easier way?

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