S After Nd/nt Trouble

Hello. Just a quick question that I’ve had forever and never found an answer to…what’s the ideal S direction to take after the nd/nt (and of course md/mt) (ie ends, hands) and the r/d l/d combinations (worlds, furds…it’s a word!!)? It seems a left S would look the best, but it doesn’t always flow nicely into the next letters. I’m thinking about italicizing these a bit more to allow for a clearer S, but it doesn’t completely fix it. Any tips are appreciated! : )


(by psetus for everyone)

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  1. I'm sure you could write it the way that fits you best as long as you can read it.  Also make sure it's not too big to confuse with other symbols and sometimes the x is an italized s (at least to me) and can be confusing when read back.   In the annversary edition it says regarding the s (that's why I like this edition it has more explanation): before and after p,b,r,l and after t,d,n,m,o the left s is used in all other cases the right s is ued. a circled outside the angle in any of these joinings does not change the motion.   I think I've always saw it as a left s and wrote it that way.  Debbi

  2. Like Debbi said, it depends.  You need to check which letter comes after the s to make the decision.  Normally you will use the left s, because it's coming after t or d.  If there is a circle vowel after the s, check the next consonant.  If the next consonant is p, b, r, l, use left s.  If it is any other consonant, use the right s.  Here are some examples:   1. "indecent": nt blend – right s – e – nt blend 2.  "hands": left s because it's a plural 3.  "worlds": left s because it's a plural (this is in Simplified Gregg, because in Anniv Gregg is expressed by a u-u-right s blend).   If you have specific words, let us know.

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