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  1. Click on reply.  A new box opens.   *go to the board and discussion you want to reference *highlight the discussion you want *press Ctrl-C to copy it   Go back to your reply message *press Ctrl-V to paste it   Then if you're ready, click on Send Message.   To post a link by changing the title  Click on reply and open up the reply box.  Add any information you want.  Do not send the message yet.  Go back to the board. *go to the board you want *open the message *click on the address line (the http/: etc) to highlight it *press Ctrl-C to copy it Go back to your reply message In the message highlight the word you want for the link, *Click on the little earth and chain link icon at the top of the reply message (it's by the dash and table icons) it will say Insert Link when you put your cursor on it *press Ctrl-C to paste it *Click OK     Note:  You can high light and change the color of the words that are underlined if you want.  But it's not necesary.  Sometimes I bold them if they're not bold.  

  2. Oh, they replied from their e-mail box.  And I don't know how their e-mail did that, unless they have that specific option in their e-mail. So if you want to do that in a new discussion just copy and paste the message into the message box.  Debbi

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