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I guess I’ll have to do this (I didn’t see John’s question until later…see Reference Other Discussions – link).

At the top of each board is Choose another message board and when you click on that you see all the message boards available. 
Then choose
View all message boards at once  this will let you see EVERY message that is on the board.  Great if you want to read all the newest messages which appear on the top.
Just thought I’d pass this little tip.  it’s great for managers so they don’t miss any messages.

(by debbiavon1 for everyone)

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  1. Oh, when you're in that screen, the top will change to All Message Boards.  So it won't say General, etc.  Then when you're done reading a post/discussion, you can click on all message boards to get back to all the messages.

  2. Oh, for newbies to the msn boards, if you want to start a new discussion you want to be in the approriate message board or it goes into the last board the manager created.  So go to Choose another message board and choose the one you want the post in. Debbi I think I'm done here for now….

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