i need help please!

i feel funny for asking but i need some gregg shorthand translated for me. heres the story someone gave me my wifes diary from a few years ago she threw out but this person grabbed it and told me she wrote sections in shorthand to keep them secret! the kicker is this person told me my wife has cheated on me and wrote about in the diary! i kept the book but shrugged it off because i found out the girl liked me and i couldn,t end a marriage on here say and didn’t trust her. the new kicker is she just came back from an out of state wedding and i found her emailing a guy she meet at the wedding and the emails suggest she did screw around. she says nothing happened but he told me otherwise and said she said she was divoriced and told him she has done this before . she insists nothing happaned but for my sake and my two children i have to now the truth so we can get help to save our marriage! if she made a mistake i need to hear the truth or how can i trust her again? i made copies of the pages and paragraphs if some could translate this you’d be taking a load off my mind because i’m confused and don’t know who to believe. if anyone could do this i would appreciate it , please let me know and thank you

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  1. "She made a mistake i need to hear the truth or how can i trust her again?" Well…you could trust her by trusting what she says is true. Or you could not believe her and try and make it work anyways as water under a bridge.   I had a very similar situation…and believe me…you're going to become the bad guy suddenly when you go cracking into other people's computers, brute forcing passwords, and trojaning survelliance (he he…in retrospect, I was in the wrong…but it was stealing from a murderer) to see exactly what the extent of a relationship is, whose shard of ice floating in water is already too much…mine turned out to be a big iceburg…but that's besides the point. This is on point: that was years ago you said, part of trusting someone is just believing what they say, and…well…that was years ago. I'm sorry for your trouble and only hope the best for you and your wife, but can't help otherwise.   Meanwhile, back in Germany…I wonder if my family or friends will seek out a Greggorian when I pass from the shadows into true life. Half of all my diarys are in shorthand…not to hide anything…I just like to switch it up every other entry. Makes you ponder…do you want others to actually read your diary? Or not? Or possibly only after death? Or not? I'm kindof ambivalent to the postmortem half…but here? I don't know…that depends. ./[tyler]

  2. Just for the record, on a related topic, I've been asked to transcribe diaries before.  They're usually left by grand parents or great-grand parents and almost always impossible to read.  (Don't these people study shorthand theory?!!!!!)   Nevertheless, there was one I could read and then refused to transcribe.  The introductory letter painted a wonderful picture of a saintly woman (the grandmother) who, it turns out, was having an affair.  I had asked for samples so I could determine which system of shorthand was used and to see whether I could read it.   But I'd like to bring up another point.  Others I know who have done this charge for their services, especially if the material is lengthy.  But what rate is fair?  Per page?  Hourly?  And what about mis-transcribing (because of a lack of adherence to correct theory!)?  How do any of you handle those problems?   Marc  

  3.   This is a great ethics issue for us to discuss.  As an eager stenographer and a curious person, my first impulse is to find out what the diary says.  A few questions come to mind, though.   * Does a person have the right to think private thoughts?  * If so, does he foreit this right by putting them down on paper? * Are there municipal, state or federal laws protecting the privacy of a journal writer in that area? * Does a stenographer have the responsibility to decide what to transcribe and what not to transcribe? * If so, what are the criteria for making the decision?   As far as how much to charge for transcribing, here is a search for language translators, if you wanted to ask a few of them how much they charge.  It doesn't include Gregg, but I think Arabic-to-English would be a good comparison!   http://www.atanet.org

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