Hi, everyone, I’ve just joined this group after finding it entirely by accident whilst surfing the Net. My name is Ray, I’m 56 years of age, and I live very near to Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, in Australia. 

I’ve always been interested in learning foreign languages and have university-level credit for various Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Indonesian, German, French and Japanese language courses.
I’ve always been extremely interested in shorthand systems as well but have never had the time to study any of them.
Now, however, time is available and I’ve decided to learn Gregg. The vast majority of Australians who have ever studied shorthand have learned Pitman, due largely to our British heritage, and Gregg is extremely uncommon here. However, I have a personal preference for the much more cursive outlines of Gregg Shorthand and, consequently, have decided against investing time in Pitman. 
Later today I’ll be taking the train to Brisbane to search for a Gregg shorthand text book in the bookstores. I have serious doubts, though, about whether I’ll be able to find one without having to order one from the USA. 
I was wondering if there are any other Australians in this group. I’ll be very surprised to discover that there is someone else!
I’d be very interested in corresponding with anyone at all who is at my current level of proficiency – that is, absolute rock bottom. And I’d be very interested in corresponding with anyone who is at ANY level of proficiency who might just want to have a chat some time. 
Thanks for reading this far, and my very best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas season and for a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2005. 

(by rayt9714 for everyone)

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  1. Welcome, mate!  I think you'll find a lot of language loving friends here…just one of those things.  But hey, why learn another language, when you can just learn a better way to write the one you already know??  You're right, Gregg does look ubercool.  You know, we've been looking for a brave forward thinker to start the Greggolution on your island.  I don't think it was chance that brought you to us.   Oh yea, write me a letter.  I'm only as good as a beginner, though I've been at it for a while.

  2. Welcome. Always wonderful to have new people : ) Ok, enough of that. I'd love to get a letter from you (and anyone else out there…so long as it isn't cryptic preann stuff like "SIFSALSAMR" = "So I'm from the States. I used to live in the Northwest by Seattle, and I'll be moving back in a couple years") Speaking of such…did you get my second letter John? I found a couple sentances scribbled on a sheet of paper tucked in a draw in my desk cleaning a couple days ago…but I thought I scrapped that and wrote a letter and sent it…between my terrible forgetfullness, laziness, and the military's best attempts at loosing or delaying every letter sent through their mail system, I'd be surprised if anybody's recieved any letter from me! Speaking of which…has anybody sent me a letter I havn't returned?!? If so, I can write a reply…sorry if I forgot or maybe just never recieved it. My family lost 4 packages they sent while I was in Iraq…and 1 or 2 in Germany. Anyways, welcome, enjoy your newer undertaking, may speed and grace in Gregg soon come, and yup…write me if you want! (my address is in the penpal's section…just no shorthand on the outside of the envelope! The mail room doesn't like that : ) ./[tyler]

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