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Is there some kind of program that I could buy, that I can write shorthand forms that I have questions about?  Chuck or JohnSapp specifically, I saw that you can write on the computer shorthand forms.  What program?  Is it expensive?  Adobe?  I have Adobe Reader, will that work?

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  1. Greggory Demo! Yup yup : ) And the older post: A Text To Gregg Translator   That's all there is out there…other than that, no computer products I'm aware of have any compatability or features with Gregg (or Pitmann) shorthand involved. I'm working on a rule system currently…it allows for easy programming of "macros" that can include things like pre/postfixes of words ("RE" becoming "R" for example) and substitutions within words. The rule system's working perfectly…and can be used to convert a longhand pre/postfix into a phonetic or shorthand abbreviation, and a phonetic set of sounds into a shorthand abbreviation…I'm just having difficulty getting the dialog box to edit them working properly…but I estimate that should be done by the new years : ) No promises though. Once that's done and I add the remaining strokes (GENT, the ING dot, W, and some others) I'll have another demo release which should be nearing a fairly reliable translator by then. Next onto a full suite of office tools soon to replace M$ and OpenOffice and KOffice and your vacuum cleaner (yes…lotsa features : ) No…but that's that.   Unfortunatly, Gregglearner, Greggory still isn't a very reliable "outline" checker…just a novelty. For that I'd recommend a shorthand dictionary…you can find them on eBay, like most Gregg items. UT, ./[tyler]

  2. JohnSapp, how do I put the Paint into a message?  Is it 'attach a file'? I can answer that.  It's the "insert picture" icon above the message you type.  It's the little yellow box with the mountain on it (looks like a mountain to me).   DebbiAvon1, How do I crop the pictures into the post?  I have a Microsoft XP I'm not sure how to crop from that software… some have a little box that is dotted lined and that is the crop icon.  You can try that.  Or see if you can open it into paint or something else you can crop it in.   Debbi  

  3. here's more detailed instructions on inserting pictures:   First if you have not already done so right click on the picture and save as a picture onto to your computer   Remember what file you put it in and what you named the picture!!!!!! Next come to the site and start a new topic, above where you change your font style just below that there is a little clipart yellow back ground with what is to be mountains and a sun click on that. Click on the tab My Computer Click on Browse Search your files and click the one you want. Next  click on add photo tab! And your done!!! here's how to do the paint crop:   Open up Paint program Open the document (or copy and paste into here) usually it's bigger then the screen, so click on yes Move the object over a little Click outside of the object Click in the area you want to keep (crop) and drag for the area you want  

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