Handy Hand

I’ve noticed a derivative of Gregg on the Internet called “Handy Hand.” It seems to use all the same consonents, but different vowels, and spells just about everything out. Does anyone have a take on this?

Just curious.

(by forknerman for everyone)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I did a quick search…I'm assuming you're refering to Handywrite? http://www.alysion.org/handy/handywrite.htm   I love it! It's beautiful, Greggorian, precise, and just about enough to make you bake cookies (chocolate chip, ever so slightly undercooked!) My only problem with Gregg is the ambiguities involved in the vowels (remedied like asprin for an amputated head with the vowel markings), and the occasional consanant…I've spent less than 5 minutes looking at it, and Handywrite almost makes me want to bake cookies…unfortunatly, I don't have a stove…and my family just sent me some cookies and carmel popcorn…so I think I'll wait…but you know what I'll say? Go look at it! Kudos to Eric Lee for (in my opinion) augmenting and modifying the Gregg system with some beautiful additions. It's different enough that it isn't Gregg any more…almost like a strong accent of Gregg…you can read about 70% of what's written without looking at the key…more if you glanced at the stroke guide.   Before chocolate chips go flying, I'm gonna go…but I've gotta say again: I love the vowels! The only thing is…there's so many of them! Of course there is…there's something around 30-40 phonomes (is that the word?) in English…but some of the strokes could easily be incorperated to flesh out a grounded Gregg writer's system. I think that after I get further along with Gregg, I may go back and try to add a couple of them (especially some vowels…and look boys and girls!! You've got a "zsh" as in pleaSure, you've got a hw/wh that looks nice, you've got a kw as in quick that's about enough to cheat on your spouse over, and you've got a y as in…uh…y. (Yes…you people may yawn and chuckle…but finding a word with Y in it is hard as they're as rare as blue-yellow (green?)yams and yakows…maybe my mind isn't as yare as it Used to be in youth as a youngster) Ok…don't laugh…I'm really excited cause I found (didn't find…came upon thanks to Sir Forkner) Handywrite, have chocolate chip cookies…and this really…let me stress…really! cute girl at a record shop I frequent (wonder why…I don't even like music! Well now I do!) just kindof let me know she thinks I'm cute and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! AUGH!…it was an odd thing…we're both pretty quiet and it was kindof awkward with that and her speaking a little English and my speaking a little German…but who knows…when I get back from Berlin for Christmas maybe I might…I dunno…augh! I'm pathetic…I was shaking as I went to the bus stop…this doesn't happen to me but once a 4 years. Well…I better start learning more German! Tsch체ss! Bis spater! ./[tyler]

  2. It is similar to Gregg Shorthand minus the whole idea behind Gregg! It is terribly unnatural. It is absolutely disgustingly ugly. If that came out at the turn of the century (1900), it would already be dead and wiped out by the obviously superior Gregg Shorthand.

    But…if it works for you… 😉

    Gregg is so much more logical, though. Four main vowels and a few diphthongs. Learn a few diacritics (the breve, the dot, and the perpendicularly placed dash) and you can make any word absolutely recognizable and very natural and easy to write. 🙂

  3. Heh…I took another look at it! It is very unnatural looking with the weird twists and turns and switching up clockwise/ccw motions just to make a different vowel, and it doesn't look all too nice…but I guess what I was/am so excited about is the y, and the zsh, and the kw, and the hw! Writing A or E for Y just seems so…lazy and, just like "wh," very unnaturally-abbreviated-looking. I thought the vowels at first…but now taking another look at them, there isn't much there that Gregg doesn't have. When I glanced at it before, there were just a lot, so I assumed there was a nice, individual one for each sound (I'm working with the English phonemes in Greggory right now, redoing the phonetic code…so it's all in the back of my mind), but most are just "turn the vowel the other way" which rarely works, it would seem, without making it look and feel terribly forced. So I recant…like I said. I was really jittery…cuz…stuff : )   But, (from my more sober, waking up morning time…I hate mornings), what do you guys thing about the consanants H, W, and Y? I tried using them…the H and W were a little odd, but the W seems like something I could try for (I really hate the horizontal "floating N" thing)…maybe that's just cause I'm not used to them. But the Y was quite nice, in my opinion, and flowed well (I found some words with a Y in them, btw). But maybe it would do better to make a loop, more traditionally vowel-like symbol for it? Ok…so maybe I shouldn't post in here when my heart rate's above 120…so after all that…I think the Y could be nice, possibly the W…other than that…dito Andrew! lololololol. Don't worry…in a day or two or three (or whenever this is…I dunno) I'll be in Berlin…you won't have to listen to me for a whole week! (Watch the member list double over Christmas!) Good times! ./[tyler]

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