Anniversary vs. Simplified

I’m still new to the world of Gregg (hence the moniker), and am in the midst of learning the basics. On the Shorthand^{3} site, there is a mention of Simplified being better suited for business work than the earlier versions (which were more intended for court use). I have downloaded the Anniversary book, which I’m using to learn Gregg, but have the opportunity to get a copy of the Simplified manual.
In your opinion, is it worth pursuing, or should I continue with Anniversary?

(by forknerman for everyone)

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  1. I'll leave this one to the experts, but for related discussions, see also:   Jun 21, 04 The Best System Aug 3, 04 Simplified vs. Diamond Jubilee? Sep 21, 04 Which version of Gregg? Sep 22, 04 Anniversary vs. Simplified – The Great Debate  

  2. I understand from what I have read on the web and from what my mom has told me, that Anniversay teaches the writer to make their own personal outlines, whereas Simplified is not give the writer this kind of freedom. I have mostly used Simplified, but am becoming interested in Anniversay. I like the way the principles and rationale are presented and the overall personality of the book. It is said to be potentially faster and has more versatility.  I would think if it's not too much money, though, Simplified would be a good book for reference and comparison, if nothing else–after all we don't have the teachers that the Anniversay learners had, but we have the future that they didn't yet have.

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