Repair old shorthand book

I have a 1930 gregg shorthand book.  It was very used when I bought it from a second hand store and now it’s more used (which is probably good but in my case it’s just not as taken care of as it could be).  I’d like to keep this one.  And I have no idea how to do this.  Ideas?  mostly the cover to the spine is coming off, that’s about it.  So the fabric/paper that was used for the cover and back and spine part is what is coming off…

any help appreciated…

(by debbiavon1 for everyone)


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  1. A former teacher at the Christian School where my children attended, had wide cloth and vinyl tape in several different colors for the purpose of book repair. There were several hardcover books salvaged with this material placed neatly down the spine. I've also seen this type of thing in libraries.   How about checking with a public library or a college library? The historical society? My experience is that many librarians #1 like books, and #2 like to be helpful, so I think there is a good chance that you could find someone who will point you in the right direction or give you a piece of tape. Be sure to take the book with you to show what you mean and in case you find someone who will do an on the spot repair.   If you really prefer your old book, I wouldn't let Alex discourage you. If the alternative is buying another book, anyway, then an attempted repair isn't all that risky in terms of wrecking your book. Time might be a consideration but…that's up to you.   Once, when I was about to repair a torn Bible page with a piece of transparent tape, I watched my sister splice the tear with a thin line of elmer's glue carefully applied with a toothpick. I have since successfully done the same thing and so have some of my daughters.   P    

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