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Please unsubscribe me from msn.com/GreggShorthand group as “Taaliba 2”.  The problem is, I share my home computer and because of this the Microsoft.NET Passport information is confusing my sign-in/join information with another person who shares my home computer. 

I have rejoined as “taaliba 2” Thanks in advance.


Gloria Muhammad

(by taaliba2 for everyone)

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  1. Greetings Everyone,   I,m new to GreggShorhand (DJS). Three weeks ago I borrowed a copy from the library. I am self taught (missed the boat in High School) and have a few questions. But first, how do you delete your own posts on this forum?  As you can tell, I am still working out the kinks as far as joining the forum. Before I ask another question just wanted to let you all know that your posts have been very helpful and especially funny!   Now on to my question. As mentioned above I am teaching myself GreggShorthand (DJS).  I am in lesson 5 andI came across a word which is hard for me to translate. The word that looks like comma (a shorthand "s -z") with a dot above it. I was told to ignore the comma with a dot above it because it might be a typying error. However I see this comma with a dot above it a few more times thoughout the book. Is it really a word, phrase or brief form? Thanks in advance.   Taaliba

  2. Welcome to the group, Taaliba!   You can delete your own posts very easily.  If you notice, when you read your posts, each message has a header with the words "Reply" and "Recommend" on the left side, and "Message x of y in Discussion" on the right side, where x is the number of the message and y is the total number of messages.  If you have posted something, the word "Delete" will appear before the "Message x of y in Discussion".   In terms of the comma with a dot on top, the only thing I can think of is that it is a semicolon, ";".  Usually we circle the punctuation so that we don't confuse it with shorthand.

  3. Here is the quick transcript of paragraph 28 in Lesson 5:

    Mrs. Keith: I am happy to write you that your niece, Mary, passed her history test; in fact, she passed the test with a grade of 85. Her teacher, Mr. Drew, is pleased with her, too. He said that she made the best mark in his class.

    I cannot give you Mary's French grade; but, her French teacher feels that she passed that test, too.

    Dean Harry H. James

    You may not want me telling you this, but that comma with a dot over it is a semicolon. Honest mistake, though. Normally, they are encircled.

  4. Thanks Chuck and DangerArrange. Hooray! Now I can finish paraghaph 31 lesson 5. By the way, Chuck, did you know  that you have helped me with  two words! In paraghaph 28 lesson 5 the first word was "fact", which I transcribed as "checked". And the second word I realized wasn't even a shorthand word but a longhand cursive letter "h". Thanks.

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