Gregg in Every Language

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the languages to which Gregg was adapted?

Shorthand: isn’t it about time?

(by johnsapp for everyone)


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  1. I don't know of a comprehensive list. Gregg was adapted to Spanish and used in Latin America. I believe that Spanish textbooks may still exist. It was adapted to German, but lost out to native systems, the important ones being Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift in Germany and Austria, and Stolze-Schrey in Switzerland.
    Hope this helps, Ed Jahn

  2. The "Price List of Gregg Publications" (May 1, 1948) lists the following:   Afrikaans (Gregg Stenographie) Esperanto French Irish (Luathscribhinn Gregg) Italian Japanese (Nippon-Gregg Sokki) Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Tagalog (Takigrapyang Gregg Sa Wikang Tagalog)   Don't know if that's comprehensive or not, but it's what was available at that time.   Alex  

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