shorthand in multiple languages

Hello World;) To introduce myself, as a new member–I am a full-time computer nerd, getting close to retirement age. I became interested in shorthand in the 1960’s; taught myself Gregg, first Simplified, then Diamond Jubilee.
Reading the history of the invention of the Gregg system, which was influenced by French and German systems, got me interested in the shorthand of other languages. I built up a correspondence with pen pals, acquired a lot of books and magazines, and a headfull of knowlege about European shorthand–mostly German, Scandinavian, and Eastern European. Changes in my personal life during the 1980’s took me away from all that, but I still have a large collection of books and publications.
I am delighted to find this web site, which has re-awakened my interest in this obscure but fascinating subject.
I use shorthand for personal notes. I would be very interested in discussing the use of shorthand in multiple languages.
Ed Jahn, Leesburg Virginia USA

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