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I had asked my sister last week if she learned Gregg Shorthand. Her answer was yes, twice. She studied shorthand in H.S and back when she was a nursing assistant. As a nursing assistant, she was required to learn medical shorthand. 

Does anyone on the board family/friends know shorthand?

(by taaliba2 for everyone)

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  1. Alright taaliba, if you really must know…   I didn't grow up with my natural family. My adoptive mother is an adept shorthand writer. She was born in 1928 and went took business in school sometime before 1945, so I am presuming she is an Anniversary edition writer. She still uses shorthand for taking notes and all her shopping and to-do lists are private.   Her daughter, my adoptive sister is twelve years older than I, and I remember that she was taking shorthand in high-school or shortly thereafter, so that would mean that she learned from the early diamond jubilee books. I don't think she uses shorthand the way her mom does, and that leads me to wonder if Anniversary writers have more "staying power".   My natural mother doesn't know shorthand, but she told me that she has always wanted to learn it and may have started on her own.   One of my natural brothers has some interest in Pitman, but it has never stuck with it long enough to gain any real proficiency.

  2. Both of my parents took shorthand. My dad took (Gregg) shorthand in the 1930s; he was one of 2 boys taking. My mother took Gregg in high school in 1940s, but used Speedwriting as a secretary in the 1950s.   I learned Speedwriting in the 1970s and used it in junior high school and high school, and I took medical Gregg in (latter years of) college and since medical school.   Brian

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