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Hello everyone,

I love  teaching myself Gregg Shorthand (DJS). I am pleased with the progress I have made thus far. I’ve finished lesson 10 and will be moving foward to lesson 11.
But back in lesson 9 paragraph 69, I came across a word I could not translate. Please, could someone fill in the blank. 
Mrs. Hall:
My physician tells me that I shall have to have an operation to remove the bone chips in my right elbow.
I shall therefore have the operation at 10 o’ clock on June 15th at The National Hospial. This is only a minor operation but I shall have to stay at The National Hospital as a patient till June 20 for special observation.
I know that I can really ______ to see that the office operates with efficiency in my absence…..
Also in lesson 10 paragraph 76,  there are two words I  feel should be transcribe as “Binder” and “Bindery”. Am I correct?
Dear Mr. Stand:
On March 15 our Binder Mr. Bond found me to say that our stock of the initial printing of “The Necessary Guide” is low; in fact he says there are only 5,000 copies in  the  Bindery ….
Thanks for your help.

(by taaliba2 for everyone)

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  1. For the first blank, the sentence is "I know
    that I can RELY [not really] _on you_ to see that the office operates with
    efficiency in my absence."  (Also note that the letter starts out "Mr.
    Hall", not "Mrs. Hall."
    In the second example, the sentence reads, "On
    March 15 our binder Mr. Bond PHONED me to say that our stock of the initial
    printing of 'The NURSES' Guide'  is low; in fact he says that there are
    only 5,000 copies in the bindery."

  2. This reminds of the time that I was studying for an eighth-grade biology course. I had written the outline kls to describe platelets when I had been taking notes in class, but I couldn't figure out the wording I was studying from my notes. I finally decided that it mean "colorless"!   Brian 

  3. Hello everyone,   I'm stuck again.  I came across  words in Lesson 14 paragraph 116 and 118  that I could not translate. Please, could someone fill in the blanks.    Thanks for your help.   Taaliba     116. Dear Dr. White,   Buying tickets for flights on our airline is quick and very simple when you have our air-service credit card. All you need do is phone our office at Broadway 4-5151. Tell the clerk your needs and give him your credit card number. Your tickets will be sent to you by mail the same day. _______ of firms have adopted this quick and easy process of ticket buying….   118.   Mr.________: Today I visted the Broadway and_________ and selected a mail meter that should   meet our special needs very nicely….    
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  4. Greetings All,   Me again. Just double checking. In (DJS) lesson 16 paragraph 138, is the word MINIMUM spelled using the combination  of  shorthand strokes mim-e-mum? Thanks in advance.   Also, my reading  speed and especially writing of Gregg outlines has improved greatly. I look edat the all the previous lessons in my notebook and saw the difference, s-lo-p-p-y! Much neater and faster writing now. I am still using a pencil, but thinking about switching to a ballpoint pen once I've reach lesson 9. Maybe.  

  5. Would some kind soul please help me transcribe the following lessons/paragraphs. I know it's a lot to ask.  Much appreciated. Thanks.   Lesson 21 Paragraph 183.   Dear Sir, Every month we send out an unique correspondance bullentin designed to help [something]….   Lesson 17 Paragraph 149. "CHUCKLE"   One morning two golfers [something]….   Lesson 23 Paragraph 205.   Mr. [something]….   Lesson 26 Paragraph 231.   …undoubtedly he will soon be fast with the problem of purchasing an apporiate set of drawing [something]….   Lesson 27 Paragraph 243. "CHUCKLE"   "Miss [something]"…. I owe [something]….

  6.    … golfers sliced their drives and … drawing instruments . Yeah, agree with you on both, an awful lot of strokes.    Everytime I see something like these, the first words that come to mind is OMG! Sometimes shorthand doesn't make any sense.   Thanks for helping me tackle those demons.

  7. … to help correspondents.

    … golfers sliced their drives

    Mr. Norton: please …

    … drawing instruments (that is a lot of strokes; in Anniversary, we write a disjoined "ns" and an "m" under it).

    Lesson 27, Paragraph 243
    "Miss King," said the boss quietly, "I must say that you are probably the prettiest girl in the office."

    "Really!" said the young typist.

    "You dress well and you speak nicely. In addition, your attendence has been regular; and I can say without hesitation that your conduct is beyond reproach."

    "You must no pay me so many complements," she protested.

    "Oh that's all right! I only wanted to put you in a pleasant frame of mind before I take up the subjects of grammar and spelling."

  8. LOL,can you say law suit. In the Greggshorthand DJS I have noticed stereotypes. The secretaries are sometimes ding-bats and referred to as "girls". And you know what else sometimes the "Chuckles" are not funny.

    BTW, are you familiar with this word in Lesson 26 Paragraph 233. "Chuckle"
    … One girl's [something] answer was "fools".
    Thanks a million.

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