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I am writing in shorthand as a loan officer.  I didn’t find “lender” in the Gregg Shorthand Dictionary.  Do you know?

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  1. How about:    A.D.    B.C.    cf.        compare, confer    ed.       edition, editor    e.g.      for example (is this Latin?)    et al.    and others (Latin?)    etc.      and so on (Latin?)    ff.        and following  (is ff. stand for folio following)    i.e.       that is (Latin?)    [sic]     thus, in this manner (Latin?)    s.v.      under the word (Latin?)    vv.       verses    Thanks for transcibing them.  

  2. artisan: reverse a – t – s comma – n   The following are standard abbreviations:   A.D.: a – d (the d intersecting the a) B.C.: b – left s – e e.g.: e – j – e et al: e – t – a – l etc: e – t – left s i.e.:  a – e (the e circle inscribed in the a circle, on top) vs:  v – s comma   For the others, you can either (1) write in longhand, or (2) create your own.  For example, I would write cf as s comma – e – f, ed as e – d (recall that editor is e – dt – reverse e), and so on.  "Circa" could be written as left s (top of the line) – a (on the line), or k – a (remember that this is also the outline for "care").  The important thing is that you can transcribe it correctly afterwards.

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