Is Gregg Shorthand being taught anywhere?

Hello everyone,

I learned shorthand back in the early 60’s. I’ve become very rusty at it. I would like to get a refresher course as I am soon to be unemployed and view shorthand as a good skill to list on the resume. Of late, I have seen more job ads looking for people with shorthand skills. I live in Connecticut. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Hi!  I have been learning Anniversary, studying by myself and asking questions to the group.  It has worked well for me.    I have also bought Anniversary style books.  Yesterday, I purchased Heard in Congress 200,000 Words of Dictation by Louis A. Leslie.    Anyways, there are tons of members that can assist you in getting up to speed.

  2. The only course instruction per se that I know of is online.  Given that you learned shorthand in the 60's, more than likely you learned Diamond Jubilee.  There are two sites:   1.  Introductory course: 2.  Refresher course:   Also, one of our members, Ms. Letha, has an online course.  You could e-mail her for details.  Her address is in the Penpals section.   There are other options.  Some high schools in your area may still be teaching Gregg shorthand (though more than likely they may be teaching "speedwriting" instead).  You can post a wanted ad in your local paper for a shorthand teacher — there are quite a bit of retired secretaries that may be willing and able to teach.

  3. Check highschool community education classes, held in the evening, and community colleges.  I have seen classes listed by both.  Some universities have courses too.  I really like Chuck's classifieds idea, which hadn't occured to me before.  Although it is hard to find shorthand classes these days, its easy to find shorthand users.   ____________________ Praise the lord, i saw the light line!

  4. Hello everyone:

    From SNOWY Connecticut…Thank you for all the replies, suggestions and recommendations. As savvy as we are in so many ways, I would not have thought about all the "good stuff" you guys provided.

    Finding a new job is hard work and sometime overwhelming. I will be sending feeler resumes and in the meantime will conduct a search to improve my shorthand. I can't believe that there are so many folks who are so helpful. Thank you again. Will try to spend a few hours exploring this site.


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