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I thought I would introduce myself.  I’ve joined a month or so ago (maybe more?) and have been reading the messages. 
I use Gregg shorthand at work almost everyday.  I love it and am amazed that I rarely find another person who knows shorthand.  I learned it in high school from 1980-1982.  I do believe that it is a dying art.  I’ve offered to teach it at my local vo-tech school, but haven’t had enough insterested students to make a class yet.
I think my love of shorthand comes from a passion for learning languages.  I believe shorthand is a language in itself.  I also speak a little spanish and german and I am currently in an interpreter’s training program for American Sign Language (second semester). 
My shorthand also comes in handy for sign language class. 
Just wanted to say hello and that I have enjoy reading your messages.  🙂

(by tinabumbelina for everyone)

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  1. Hi Chuck,   Thank you for the welcome!    Yes, I learned Series 90 and that's the shorthand I use.   I've taken and transcribed shorthand since my first job after H.S. graduation in 1982.  For my current job, I take shorthand (and transcribe on an as needed basis) for meetings and verbatim testimonies from witnesses in EEO, Union and disciplinary hearings.  I work in Human Resources.    I believe that I have a unique, special skill, but I feel like it's not recognized.  I'm paid the same as someone who doesn't do shorthand.  However, I'm called upon to take shorthand for meetings outside of my department when an accurate record of a meeting is needed.  I guess that is recognition enough, huh?    Also, I've often wondered if anyone else "thinks" in shorthand.  Many times I can see the shorthand word in my mind before it ever comes out of my hand.  On that same note, I mostly daydream during meetings while my mind and hand do all the work. ha!  Somehow the words go in my head and come out of my hand without my conscious mind being that much involved.   So that's my experience.  Unless you or someone else has any questions.  I'm not sure I hit on what you meant exactly.    Tina             

  2. Hi Tina and welcome to the group!  Since you graduated HS in '82, does that mean that you are a Series 90 writer?  We would like to know about your experience with it, since I don't know many people that write shorthand, let alone S90.

  3. Hi Tina, you will find that a lot of Gregg Group members share your interest in languages.  Did you know Alex is an ASL interpreter?  I went up to level 3, so I can have limited conversation.  Your description of daydreaming while writing sounds awesome.  I can't wait for the day that shorthand is so programmed into my brain that the words flow effortlessly and automatically to my hand.  Sometimes after practicing, while my brain is still in shorthand mode, I'll be inclined to write longhand words with shorthand spellings..   _____________________ Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  4. Hi John 🙂   It's nice to meet you!  I knew there was some connection with the love of language and shorthand.  And no, I had no idea about Alex. 
    Do you mean that you were certified at a 3 level?  Limited conversation?  That is pretty much fluent isn't it?  wow. 
    I don't think it will take long until the shorthand "language" becomes natural to you.  I still do that too with longhand.  It is just so much quicker isn't it?  One thing about learning shorthand, the brain starts forgetting the correct spelling of words.  When I took shorthand, we always had spelling words (in 10th to 12th grade) and spelling tests. 
    Did you notice my h-e-l-o above?  I was hoping people wouldn't think I'm just a bad speller and would know I was spelling that in shorthand.  haha
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  5. I do that too.  I just wish everyone knew shorthand.  It would make it so much easier to write phone messages.  Sometimes I forget and put a dot for an "a" and an "x" instead of a question mark.  ha! 
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  6. My mother wrote Speedwriting in the 1950s. I was a proprietary system developed by Emma Dearborn in the 1920s. Its design included plans that it might be used on a typewriter.   Speedwriting worked well for office secretaries. They could learn it in 6 weeks. Gregg is better adapted for medical use (and other advanced work).   Brian

  7. Hey Tina,   To quote you, "  One thing about learning shorthand, the brain starts forgetting the correct spelling of words. "   I agree with you 100%. I think shorthand make you do that. Atleast when speaking to people I don't leave off letters.  

  8. H-e-l-o   t ooo  y ooo   t ooo : Hope you won't think I am a bad speller, either!  Ha.   Just read your msg. and want you to know that you are the first person I have ever heard say you wish everyone knew shorthand.  It would make life so much easier.  I took 3 years of Gregg Anniversary in high school (a vocational high school), and I just love shorthand and think of it, for sure, as another language – the only other one I know except English.  I use it constantly in my life and don't know how I could keep things straight without it.  I am a retired Exec. Sec'y., and even though I didn't work for many years while the kids were little I still hear sermons in shorthand and see signs in shorthand.  Guess that is good because it has kept it in my brain all these years.    Been wondering for ages if there was a site for people interested in shorthand, and I just found it.   Did you see the msg. posted in May of 2008 from [email protected] where she says she has a newsletter about shorthand? The website is http://www.shorthandclasses.com/maxcontact/contactform.php   I plan to write her and sign up as soon as I finish writing this to you. Would love to hear from you whenever you might have time. [email protected]  5/2/08 – in AZ   

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