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Hi fellows,
I know there’s a file with a description and a picture about the right position for writing, but I cannot read it, because it’s too small.
Perhaps, time ago, this subject was already talked… so, can anyone give me some instructions to follow, please?
I mean, about how to grab the pen, how to put the arm, the paper, etc.
Prosperous New Chinese Year
4073, to everyone

(by valo1969 for everyone)

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  1. Stand aside oldies, 20/20 coming through!  ; )     THE CORRECT POSITION   The illustration shows better than words the correct position.  The position of the body should be easy and comfortable.  Lean slightly on the arm, but see that the chest does not touch the edge of the table.  Keep the back straight.   Be sure to keep the wrist and ball of the hand from touching the paper or desk.  My own hand glides upon the nails of the third and fouth fingers, as shown in the ___, but some writers find it easier to let the hand glide upon the knuckle of the fourth finger.   Nearly all your work will be done at a desk, but as you will sometimes be required to write while standing, some practice should be done in that position, the muscle of the forearm resting against the side.   When sitting, but without a desk, the tablet is held upon the knee, with the muscle of the forearm resting upon the thigh or against the side.  

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