You Know That Alice In Wonderland On eBay?! lol

Hello everyone…yes I’m alive (more on my not dying later).
So that Alice on eBay that just won’t quit…you know the one all you silly Greggorian fiends out there! Well I wrote our dear friend, richandles the other day:
psetus asked:
My question relating to your “Alice in Wonderland – in Gregg Shorthand – Copy On CD-R:
You’re joking, right?
richandles responds:
No joke this is a rare version of alice in wonderland written completly in gregg shorthand scanned onto a CD-R. The book itself goes for around 300 dollars if you can even find one. Thanks for your interest.
Sincerely, richandles

Wheew! That was rich! Anyways, so I AM alive…and a working freak at that. I’m about to release another Greggory thingy, it’s close to something releasable, but not quite…and even when it’s done, it’ll just be one component in the “Shorhand Suite” that it’ll be…so who knows…but it’s real sweet and it’s a list generator that you can use to make study sheets to help memorize and solidify words in your memory, like the grids of words in the books at the end of each chapter that they ask “Can you read this list in less than 7 minutes?” and I time myself and say “YES YOU MUTHER!! Not only that, I did it in 4 and a half minutes!! BOOYA!”
So other than that, I was walking to my favorite Kebob restaurant the other day and was talking out loud to myself…yes I do that…(constantly…*blush*) And I was discussing something slightly personal and walked by someone, and thought…oh shoot…I hope they didn’t hear anything I said…then I thought if there weren’t a way I could speak that they couldn’t understand and I thought…SHORTHAND!! Then I quickly realized my folly…but it didn’t stop me from trying it! I tried speaking the outlines and brief forms out phonetically! Heh…phew…let’s see if I can’t regain some respect here…uh…nope, no way. Anyways, so I’m going to continue my little hiatus from the forums till I can release this Greggory demo…but I’m still watching you guys…and maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll even post a thing or two until then! Especially if you ask me something romantic, in a second generation sort of way…like something about Byron…LOLOLOL. Oh my gosh…no? Was that stupid? Yeah…I’ll go.
Until later, do yourallselves a favor and download some good music…start with Grauzone’s song “Eisbar,” hit stride with Tones On Tail’s “Lions,” and end with Rozz William’s “When I Was Bed” or complete works if you know what’s good for you! My way of stealing is bearshare (not ideal, but it works…like Microsoft (except the whole working thing)) And if you can’t find those songs, try again, cause I share them, so you may catch me (I’m not psetus there though…just something like “hdskfls23” whatever)

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  1. Hey, Tyler, glad to see you're not dead and all. I was missing the just barely coherent trains of thought and other hilarious stuff. That's funny about the E-bay dude. I would say I'm surprised by him, but I must admit that I am guilty of selling a Gregg Group card on ebay for $2.50. The buyer paid by cashier's check, which costs them extra, plus they sent it by certified letter! I figure they spent about $5-7 bucks on the whole transaction. The crazy thing is, they could have just printed the picture off the listing and had the exact same thing! It wasn't on card stock or anything. Thank god for crazy ebay addicts.

    Praise the Lord, I'm $5 richer!

  2. John, sorry, I'm not quite getting the drift here.  Are you implying that Alice in Wonderland is not an expensive book?  I've found that a reputable online bookshop is selling a copy for USD175 I think…   So, like does anyone have a PDF file of the thing?  There are only two things that keep me looking back toPitman – I own two (!) dictionaries and a book entierly in Pitman.  I have neither in Gregg.  Plus loads of other Pitman materials.  I might find the courage to try buying an anniversary dictionary and maybe the CDR on ebay on day, but I dread the expensive shipping costs for getting it to Russia, and risking it getting lost in customs.   If anyone can help me out with a few PDF files of Gregg Anniversay materials, like those on the WONDERFUL Angefly site, well, the Gregg universe would have one more true believer and convert.  And oh, the pain, the pain of making a choice would go away.

  3. The CD of the Gregg "Alice in Wonderland" is
    offered for $9-something on e-bay . . . doesn't seem like an unreasonable price
    for someone to ask, who's gone to the trouble of scanning and preparing the
    material.  If I didn't already have the book, I'd buy it. 

    I bought my copy a number of years ago, and paid
    $25 for it . . . at that time I thought it was high.  Little did I know . .

  4. My problem with it is that it just seems kindof like exploitation…the book…sure! Sell if for $704.23 and a toe, but a digital copy? If anyone actually buys it, I'd hope they post it or send it to Andrew to get it circulating around the net for free…because stuff like that shouldn't be horded in my opinion. Better yet, let him keep trying to make $10 and somebody who owns the little guy should scan it and post it…free for them, a little time devoted to the "society of nerds in disguise as cool, speed writing maniacs that get all the babes that way" (aka us…), and free for us! (And most importantly me…but more on me later)   … Sufficient time enough! About me: I recently picked up an old scanner for free (actually a half decent scanner…turns out to be the same model I used to use for pecuniary benefiets of an unorthodox kind way back) from work, and I think I may practise what I preach and scan up "The Sign Of The Four"…and sell it on ebay for $10!!! BOOO! Sinister! No…I'd pass it off to dear Danger for $5 and he can put it on his site.   Either way, Mr richandles can do as he pleases, I just hope nothing good comes of it for him…not in a malicious way…I just don't like people exploiting people when they could be exploiting and stealing from old, long dead companies like Gregg Publishing! ./[tyler]   PS(etus) I'm pretty much done coding this episode of the shorthand software…I just need to bundle it up in pretty wrapping, tie some loose ends, write a cozy note to you all with some cologne sprayed inside and kiss marks with my cherry-flavored lip balmed and clove-scented lips, and I'm forcasting a release before next weekend (March 5) (Cloves? Yeah…I know…I'm a conformist…I do it all…even own the Bauhaus DVD and dance by myself at my club like I'm doing an expressionistic dance of the "Autumnal Leaves Falling"…the dead Autumnal leaves!…but I'm an individual!)

  5. I don't think there's anything wrong with him trying to sell it.  If people want to buy it, let them.  At least he's not just hording it to himself.  Don't get me wrong, I do prefer free myself.   ____________________ Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  6. Hi – I agree with you – I don't think $10.99 is exploitation.  I've searched the internet for the past 4 weeks and Alice in Wonderland's lowest price is $175.00 [and up to over $400.  So guess what – I ordered the CD version of "Alice" and will be getting it soon and I'm thrilled.   I'd give you the site line if you want to purchase it, but I really would appreciate it if people bought it and didn't get it to post to this group.  I just don't think that is right.  Textbooks are one thing, but. . .   I've bought the Rip Van Winkle, The Great Stone Face, The Christmas Carol and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in booklet form.  I just couldn't pay the $175 for Alice in Wonderland.    I'm new to the group – joined May 12.  Learned Series 90 and learned from the group that is probably the reason I had such a hard time breaking 90 wpm.   By reading these gregg-written stories [I've really had a time of it] I've been learning more than I ever thought I could.  My shorthand is better and I'm using more briefs.  I've had to get the original stories off the internet so I can go back and forth and figure out these old shorthand forms – challenging, but fun.  I guess someone said they were written Anniversary or pre-anniversary.   I guess my next step is learning Anniversary.   Again, if anyone wants the site line to buy a copy of Alice in Wonderland on CD, I have it and you can e-mail me and I will give it to.  I was going to post it for everyone, but after the comment about the guy exploiting. . . , I can't do it.   I think it is a privilege to be able to get a copy for so little.  Yes, I love free, too — and I'm a great shopper trying to get the lowest price or free, but come on – is $10.99 going to break you.  And no – I don't get a commission for this.  I'm just – as I said before – thrilled to be able to get an affordable copy to try and read.   Andrea    

  7. Hi Andrea; welcome to the group. I know what you mean about having difficulty reading the Anniversary literature. I'm learning Simplified–I didn't even get past the first chapter of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Did I say chapter? I meant page!

    Go, Speedwriter, go!

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