Why dosn’t ‘season’ look like this 
?  In 52. The Ses sign – is it just a suffix? 

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  1. Like Brian pointed out, the "ses" is spelled in full for the long e sound.  Incidentally, "season", like Andrew said, was a brief form in Pre-Anniv, written ss-n.  Starting in Anniv, the e circle was added and it is no longer a brief form..

  2. Many…and if you look at "All Old Words Beginning in SES and Ending in N and Their Implications In Anniversary Gregg" by Gregg, you'll find an entire section of the book devoted to this very subject.   "'Iz soon that he'd be saysin stuff about my speakin' system in some booky-thingy with his sonSOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!" (Uh…turrets there…sorry)   So I suppose it doesn't matter for most of us…but if you have whatever southern ghetto crap accent that was, you'd better pick up another system of SH because Gregg just won't do…too much confusion in the word SSN and all it's possible translations is an issue that's actually plagued the production of an ideal SH system, not only for English either. I've heard rumours that Canada almost became politically active over a stenographic mistake because of the word SSN just last year, proving that just because you sell milk in bags, really were the inventors of the lightbulb, and came up with daylight savings time, having a prime minister that doesn’t speak EITHER of the official languages fluently puts a damper on all future linguistic dealings, especially writing at the speed of speech.   I wish I were Canadian.
    ./[tyler] (Stupid site…sorry about all the deleted posts…dumb cut paste, doesn't paste, then explodes things…I almost died)

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