Selling duplicate Gregg books?

Hi, group.
I’ve gone through my Gregg collection and sorted out a number of duplicates.  Any thoughts about the best way of selling them?  What would people think about posting in this group?  (I also have two Speedwriting texts, and some Forkner texts). 
I also have some duplicate numbers of the Gregg Writer, from 1917 through the 1940s . . . (mostly from the 30s and 40s).  Probably 20 or 30 different issues (I haven’t counted them, actually). 
I guess E-bay is a possibility . . . just wonder if there’s a better way to get them to people here who would be interested.

(by alex for everyone)

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  1. Oooo oooo!! Gregg Writer! Count me in! I've got a mint Top-Flight rookie Alex Rodruigez I could trade for some! I love the Gregg Writer…but I think they're possibly of questionable buisness ethics…I've wasted $1.50 x 3 times trying at mailing for a subscription, and havn't recieved a single one…apparently they took the money. ./[tyler]

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