Geocaching clue in Gregg shorthand?

I am in involved in a treasure hunting game called geocaching.  Often the clues to the treasure are coded in devious ways.  I’ve found a clue which I believe is written in shorthand.  I’ve attached a picture of the clue.  The answer should be two rows of numbers.

I’m hoping that someone in your group can decipher this clue for me.  Please e-mail me directly.
Thank you in advance….

(by summitcacher for everyone)

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  1. Thanks, Chuck!  I believe the 7s you gave me should be 9s (September), as per TheDangerArranger.  I was expecting numbers between 0 and 9.  Since there is no month 0, I'm assuming that December is actually 0.  What you've figured out for me are the coordinates of a geocache.  The coordinates are:   N 39 30.186 W104 45.904   Plug those coordinates into your GPS receiver; go to that point, and you should find treasure box.  If you're interested in the game you can get more info at   …Cam

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