Gregg Writer: Duplicate copies

OK, here’s what I have as far as duplicates, by year and month:
1917:   3,4,7
1926:   6
1928:   9,11,12
1929:   5,6,10
1931:   2,3,4,5
1932:   1,2,3,4,5,11
1933:   9,10,11,12
1934:   10
1935:   1,3,4,9
1936:   1
1937:   12
1938:   4,12
1939:   1,3,4,6
1940:   11
1941:   5,6
1942:   1,3,4,5,9,11,12
1943:   1,2
1946:   3
1947:   3

That’s more than 50 issues (I think it’s 51, actually).  It makes a stack about 7 inches tall.  (They weren’t big magazines).

As I think I said before, I’ve paid an average of $2 apiece over the years, and would like to recoup that if possible.  So I’m thinking $2 each, plus $1 each for postage.

HOWEVER–it would simplify my life if someone wants the whole batch.  I can just put them in a box and make one trip to the post office.  So I’m going to wait and see if someone wants to take me up on that.  That would be $100, but for that I’ll pay the postage (media mail)–less work for me, less packing, one trip, etc.

If nobody wants them all, then I’ll do them individually, but that sounds like a headache keeping track of things . . . still would rather you guys get them than donating them to the library book sale or Salvation Army.

Contact me off-group if you’re interested.  I guess if more than one person wants them all it’s “first come first served”.


(by alex for everyone)

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  1. Better let people know I've gotten an offer to buy my duplicate Gregg Writers as one batch . . . I'm glad to know they 're going to someone who wants them.  Once I get them mailed off, I'll sort through my duplicate books and let people here know what's for sale.   Alex

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