“Greggory” Shorthand List Generator Demo!!

Sorry I don’t have time to type…but the time has come for another demo! This is actually a semi functioning program…you can see how close it is to being useful…but still just a toy that can’t really help anyone yet. I uploaded it to the “Documents” section as “SH List Demo.zip” It should be pretty self explainitory…if not, read the README…if so…read the README just out of boredom. Anyways, enjoy, and where’s my 5 year government grant for developing this? Oh well…see you all around!
PS(etus) YEAH! My car’s water pump FINALLY got fixed! It took forever to get the part and I replaced it yesturday…so good things! Oh…and if anyone could, just as a favor to see how fast this is on other computers, could you run SH List with as many columns and rows as possible, all the words selected, and repeat and randow order on and estimate how long it takes for the page to be drawn and what speed and ram your computer has? My computer’s a P4 3 GHz with a gig of ram and it takes around 1/4 a second I’m guessing…that’d kindof help me out a bit, thanks! Oh and of course tell me if there’re any problems…like REAL problems, not “the printer doesn’t work” it’s not supposed to! And suggestions are also welcome.

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  1. Ok…sorry. I compiled the "Debug" version instead of the "Release." Ooops. But now the release version's giving me a bit of trouble, so I can't say with 100% certainty when I can get it out…it could be five minutes, could be 5 days. Piece of crap this is frustrating…I'll repost when I get it back up. Thanks for telling me : ) ./[tyler]

  2. So you know those times you just want to take a loaded gun and slap yourself with it? Yeah…I'm dumb…beyond it. So people…it will not work if the files are not all in the directory together!! After taking care to specify this time and time while "documenting" it for release, in a mix up of versions and debugging, my whole "Release" version problem was…uh…I was trying to run it without ANY of the other files…ANYWAYS! The new one's up…I hope this one works : ) *crosses eyes…wait no! FINGERS!* ./[tyler]

  3. Merci merci merci, Monseur! Je suis adulées, non bon avec le Français, et maintenant dépensé…phreakin German takes the French right out of your washbasin! I have a lovely washbasin too, if I may brag (and I may!)…pure silk coated with boar hide from Indonesia. (The hide was actually from Alaska…the boar from West Africa…and the silk from a Welshman. But Indonesia just sounds cool) ./[tyler]   Oh…so I assume it works? Formidable! Prima! Grand! Breaded goldfish for all!

  4. I don't know anything about programming, but I was thinking… instead of making the incredible effort of coding all the letter joining principles (and exceptions) into Greggory, why not have greggory recognize longhand words/phrases instead of letters?  Sure, you'd have to scan or write every word in the dictionary, but maybe that's easier than the alternative.  Just thinking…   ____________________________ Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  5. Hey John! Well…I did think about that. Going through each of the approximately 60,000 words in the English language and every -s -ing -ings -ly -lyingesities variations thereof and writing out what they are…then I figured…no! lol. Of course it wouldn't ACTUALLY be that hard. But it would keep Greggory from being able to switch between version or say, use simplified minus the "DIF" stroke. SAY! SAY IT!   But on the same lines you're talking about, what I'm planning on is something SIMILAR. Greggory doesn't get everything right…and even when I'm completely done with it, it isn't going to be perfect. It'll mess up some combinations, especially where a human eye is needed to place a vowel or H marking so as not to interfere with surrounding strokes, so what I'm going to have is a "word editor" where you can have a personalized list of customizations for words. Like if in your set of rules you use, "poopoo" doesn't come out quite right, you can go in, rotate the second P slightly, and disconnect the last oo if you wanted for some reason. It'd save it, and from thenceforth your insults and "poopoo" calling will all be properly written and formatted! Of course, I'm not expecting EVERYBODY who buys Greggory (yeah…you did hear about that right?!? lol…that's coming much later) to write in and customize every word that it gets wrong. So there will be an easy way to submit suggestions "click here" kindof button that'll send it to me, and I can upload it into a free download file so others can have the same word fixed. Of course, Ann won't have the same problems as S90. So each standard version will have a master list of fixes to make sure that every standard version of Gregg will properly print out each and every word. Then for any custom rule sets you do, you'll have to mess around with it a bit. It won't be hard either. See a mizpild word? Right click it, drop down menu, click "word-fix editor," change it, select options like "include change for "-ing" "-ly" etc" "use fix for every version" "just this version" "hack into tyler's computer and steal all his bank account information" and such helpful things.   Oh crap. Alarm went off. I have to go work for the army. 1:30am until 7pm to go collect ammunition for a field practice…WHEN WILL IT END! I may get out early yet! Ideas are brewing…but I don't know if I'll actually do anything lol! But being a pacifist and bisexual (I could let them read that as "gay" with little effort! lol) and a couple other things both increase my options and reasons for leaving. Oh well. Till later! (I just pissed off every republican in here didn't I? Well I'm not trying to get your votes! lol. I'm kindof half way…I don't think repubs or demos are right…it lyes somewhere in the middle of bombing and taking over the world and murdering babies. OOOO! I should go before I make everyone hate me!! AUGH! *runs and ducks for cover from bombs and abhorrid accusations of political incorrectality, respectively* ./[tyler] (you still love me right?)

  6. Well…none. Only simpletons would want to use the dif stroke. Umm…But someone who perhaps is still learning can set the system rules to work up till lesson 14…and the system would try its best to write the words as someone would who only knew the shortcuts and brief forms from lessons 1-14 in the simplified manual. If you set if for lesson 1, it would still know the "U" stroke and -ing etc. But it wouldn't use any of the abbreviation principles or brief forms. ./[tyler] [trying hard to imagine what it was like to write out D-E-F back then…that had to've been awkward]

  7. Oops! On second thought, I would allow the above deleted messages since, although not Gregg related themselves, they were answering a Gregg related question. Sorry for the deletion; please repost if you like!

    Shorthand: isn't it about time?

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