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  1. I should have written clearly.  It does not explain HOW, just a weird 'example'.  But I like the idea.  A bit like Pitman, where you use shorthand to condense your shorthand further.  Wounder if Isaac was an alien?  

  2. I suggest you purchase the 1916 Greg Manual , the 1924 Phrase book and any of the supplementary books written after 1916 but prior to the Anniversary series. 1916 was a revision  requested by court reporters , journalists and Pitman converts. It contains the most brief forms, brief derivitives, prefixes and suffixes of any series. It is often maligned as being the most difficult to learn and memorize, but I believe when you are into shorthand for the long haul, with 1916 you can read any Gregg book including the marvelous novels. Always feel free to invent shortcuts on your own as long as they do not violate Gregg theory and principles. If they do, thewill not prove to be shortcuts in the end. DOC

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