Anniversary Refinements?

In GREGG SPEED BUILDING, 1929, I’ve found a couple of words which aren’t written correctly or, at least, the way I write them (and my Anniversary dictionary writes them).
Is anyone aware of system refinements which may have occurred?  Were there problems with transcription, resulting in the use of alternate forms in later printings?  Are they just publishing errors or are they pre-Anniversary outlines which crept into the text?
I can only find four examples now.  (Of course, I didn’t note them when I was finding them the first time.)
  • Page 77, Paragraph 95.  Ment Suffix Drill  Punishment [written p-n-e-sh-m as opposed to p-n-sh-m] and Garment [written g-r-m as opposed to g-a-r-m]
  • Page 81, Letter 13:  I desire to get a cameo pin for my daughter [written det-reverse e as opposed to d-aw-t-reverse e]
  • Page 103, Paragraph 121, “Omission of R” Drill:  Pattern [written p-t-e-n as opposed to p-a-ten]

Does anyone have THE explanation?
(See what happens when you try to do a good theory review?)

(by shorthandmarc
for everyone)

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  1. I knew that you, Chuck, if anyone, would know the answer! Thanks for your expertise!

    Interestingly enough, I have another copy of the same book with the same publishing date which seems to have all the "errors" corrected. And I thought I just had another duplicate text.


  2. For "punishment", "garment", and "daughter", these are renmants from pre-Anniversary.  For "pattern", I don't have an explanation, since "pattern" in pre-Anniv was written as p-a (over the line) n (on the line) — perhaps it had not been standardized at the time of publication of the book.  Certainly, in the 1932 edition of the same book, "patterns" is correctly written as "p-a-tn-s".

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