Best/worst (Simplified)

Is there some reason why the outline for ‘best’ omits the ‘t’, but ‘worst’ doesn’t?

(by kevinwal for everyone)

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  1. Anniversary also has the ommission of T in some words… maybe the same reasons? Annv. Omission of T question – link with info on it… it did have this post: From: bjb29407 Sent: 1/29/2005 1:53 AM Simplified has a liste of 9 words from which the final t is omitted. The books cautions not to extend this to other similar words.   Brianbut he didn't say why….

  2. Thanks, Debbi. I'd forgotten that best was one of that list of words (best, rest, test, cost, first, past, last) that don't have a 't'. I suppose I thought best and worst ought to have something in common 🙂

  3. Chuck—'s post in the Anniv Ommission of T question link, above, makes sense to me. Also, "w-o-r-s" might be unresolvably ambiguous in some cases; ex.: "Mr. Smith was the worse/worst for wear." The words that Simplified allows to be truncated (including "best") couldn't be ambiguous.

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