Hello, new member, new to shorthand

Hello all, I rarely delurk this rapidly but this looks like a really good friendly group. I am just getting starting in shorthand. It sounds a little silly perhaps but I was reading Dracula for the first time last week and was really intrigued by the mention of writing journals in shorthand.

Seems like a nice way to still be able to jot stuff down but have it relatively private even if someone tries to take a peek. I read all the websites I could find (Marc’s in particular [shorthand^3] was really helpful for a novice like myself) and have settled on Simplified. Ordered the manual from Amazon yesterday evening. I hope I can keep up the enthusiasm through the drilling etc.


(by iverscat for everyone)

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  1. Ivers,

    Welcome to the group! It's not only very friendly but extremely helpful. We shorthand writers MUST stick together!

    Glad to hear you like my site. (And, while I'm on the topic, if anyone has suggestions as to how to improve my site, I'd like to hear them!)

    As you progress with your studies, you'll find shorthand is useful for more than keeping other people from reading what you've written. It's an excellent tool for personal and business efficiency.

    Study hard!


  2. Hi Ivers, you may be interested to know that I have noticed a few people who became interested in shorthand by reading Dracula, which I have finally finished reading.  Welcome to the group. _______________________ Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  3. Hi Ivers 🙂 I got interested in shorthand by seeing it on omniglot.com, though Dracula is a fine piece of work… I didn't care for the chapters in that annoying dialect though ("grammel aboon the grees"?)

    I'm learning Simplified too (on Lesson 19 in the manual) and would love to exchange letters with you if you'd like 🙂 My address is on the penpals page. Welcome!

  4. Erf apparently I'm not on the PP page 😮 Well, my mailing address is Erik Olson 244 SE 79th Ave. Portland OR 97215. You can get away with writing the name in shorthand so long as the address is in longhand 🙂

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