-ness affix?

I’m learning Simplified and haven’t come across a -ness ending yet. Since one of the things I hope to do with Shorthand is make sketches of poems, the -ness ending would be very handy to have… I’m not sure it exists in Simplified, but I think it might in Anniversary.

Can someone tell me what it is, or do I have to settle for writing -nes? 😛


(by erik for everyone)

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  1. Pfah. Seems kind of silly to have things like a brief form for "remittance" but not an affix for the fairly-common -ness ending 😮

    I have another question too… Should "I" and "he" be written clockwise or counter-clockwise?

    Thanks Chuck 🙂

  2. Well, in pre-anniv, "ness" used to be written as "n", with "liness" and "iness" written as "e – n", but all of this was dropped due to the difficulty in the application of the rule and in legibility.  The rule was as follows.  You would write "-ness" as "n" if it wasn't preceeded by a vowel.  If you have a brief form not ending in vowel preceeding (or if the outline with n wouldn't mean something else), you would write it as "n – e – s".  But if the brief form ended in a vowel, you would write it as a disjoined n!  So for example you would write   consonant before ness sadness: s – a – d – n lateness: l – a – t – n hardness: h – reversed a – d – n (the t – n and d – n are not blended)   iness/liness silliness: s – e – l – e – n cleanliness: k – l – e – n – e – n   vowel rule grayness: g – r – a – n – e – s dryness: d – r – ai – n – e – s   brief form not ending in vowel before ness correctness: k – r – n – e – s goodness: g – n – e – s   brief form ending in vowel before ness lightness: l – ai – n (disjoined) clearness: k – l – e – n (disjoined)   word with obligatory ness (due to legibility) blackness: b – l – a – k – n – e – s  (with n ending, it would read blacken) darkness: d – a – r – k – n – e – s (with n ending, it would read darken) roughness: r – u – f – n – e – s (with n ending, it would read roughen)   Complicated, isn't it?  That's why it was dropped, and now it is simply "n – e – s".

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