Have a Good Weekend

Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

(by johnsapp for everyone)


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  1. Thank you sidhetaba for your kind words.  Not sure if OGA even exist anymore.  Guess I'm just not the person to ask!    John's shorthand penmanship is quite beautiful.  He once sent me a smiley-face he drew in shorthand using the word "happy."  I think he was just foolin' around when he included it with his letter.  I was so thrilled to receive another shorthand writer's drawing and decided to post it to the "Drawing Room" on my (unfinished) website.  I am so happy it is there.   I have known John for almost a year now and have received a number of his writings (and drawings!).  What a pleasant experience it is to read carefully-written shorthand.  I can truthfully say, I have never known a time since our acquaintance, that his shorthand writing wasn't beautiful!    It's so refreshing to receive a compliment.  Again, thank you!  🙂   Ms. Letha

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