P, B, and L

I can’t seem to get these letters correct.  The P and B never have the correct curve to them or the slant.  They don’t seem to naturaly sland that direction.  The same thing with the L.  The strange part about the L is that I can do the R just fine.  Any tips for fixing these.  Thanks

(by _pie_man_ for everyone)

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  1.  Yes.  Try these two drills.  For the P and B (swing the rope drill):     For the R and L:       Remember that the R and L curve more at the beginning of the stroke than at the end, and that the P and B are more or less straight at the beginning, but curve more at the end.   I have a pdf of an article called "penmanship pointers" that appeared on the Gregg Writer that I can e-mail you — it is 1 Mb.  If you want it, let me know your e-mail.

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