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Hi, Everybody!
I really enjoy this group and the wealth of knowledge it has about shorthand, so maybe someone can answer this.
Reading Gregg-written literature is a favorite way that I keep up my speed and also meet the challenge of reading older Gregg (pre-Anniversary). I have a few titles in my modest collection, but I was wondering:  Does anyone have, or know, where I can find a full listing of the “literature” books that were published by Gregg (excluding the Gregg Writer magazines)??  .

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  1. Thanks, Tyler, for your interesting and innovative response.  I am familiar with some of the titles you list, but there were others I can be on the lookout for.  Thanks for taking the time to respond and for making it so entertaining!

  2. Hi! No subliminal messages here ! If you want to get some of these literary gems without waiting for an occasional  and unnecessarily expensive Ebay auction,check out the vast but inexpensive offerings on Lots of rare Gregg books!        DOC                                                

  3. On eBay this week, the winning bid for a soft cover booklet titled "Fables Written in Gregg Shorthand" was $167.50.  That is the most I've seen on eBay for a Gregg shorthand item.   With all the very old Gregg material out there, is it illegal to *scan* them in the computer and post it on a web site?  Or would that infringe on copyrights?

  4. Absolutely not. Since all Anniversary and before material was not recopyrighted, you can go to and see what is and is not protected under copyright. McGraw-Hill never resubmitted the anniversary stuff for copyright. Therefore, it passed into the public domain a few decades ago. 🙂 (That is my understanding of it, anyway).

    The reason people still buy and sell those manuals (even though they are quite available online) is the tangible nature of them. If the bidders there actually bid for the content, then they could have very well gone to the library to see the old Gregg Writers from which that book is printed.

    Since that auction started out so inexpensively, I had considered purchasing it when it first came out. When it exceeded 2 dollars, I didn't bother. 🙂

  5. $167? WOW! I got mine from eBay in MINT condition for something like $7 or $8. It was honestly in as good condition as books you just bought from the store…but then when I took it out of the packaging some *^%* tape got in the way, touched the back, and now there's a little dime sized spot where the paper's slightly scuffed. : ( Oh well. It really is the most in shape book I own from the earlier Gregg days. I just feel sorry for the guy who payed 167. I hope that wasn't anyone here. ./[tyler]

  6. I am the guy that paid $167 plus shipping for the Fables book and I did something even more costly, I paid over $500 for a hardback copy of the "Sign of the Four". The $500 blunder led Alex , my Gregg buddy, to inform me of other sources for Gregg materials and I bought a secoind copy for less than $10! Before I became aware of Ebay, I spent over ten years collecting Gregg stuff from fleamarkets, so Ebay and Amazon seemed like Gregg heaven. What I have learned is that other misguided souls innocently buy into the fallacy that Gregg materials are rare. Thanks to Alex I have discovered they are not. For instance the "Alice in Wonderland", "Storyof Gregg Shorthand" , two Gregg biographies, novels in Gregg, and many other gems that are often listed on Ebay and Amazon at$300+ are plentiful and cheaper on other online direct sales sources.It was through shere ignorance that I, and others like me, are drawn into those insane auctions (I did over 100 of them in three months time and will only do so from now on after checking other sources to see if the "rare" item is truly rare or otherwise dedciding I do not want to wait to get it cheaper later on. I hope my costly, embarassing errors help you ,Gregg Sisters and Brothers, to avoid such pitfalls!     DOC

  7. While searching for post on the book "The Sign of Four" I found this one and thought it was a good one to bring back up anyway.   I recently got an MP3 player and was looking for audio books and found "The Sign of Four" on LibriVox and I am currently listening to it while reading the shorthand book.  I just thought that might be another one way "study" shorthand.  Debbi  

  8. What a great idea! You can try to "take" the book from dictation and then compare your notes with the shorthand plate, or simply allow yourself to enjoy the text read aloud while reading the written shorthand. A very convenient way to enhance your active vocabulary. Thanks for the suggestion!

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