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I have returned to this outline several times in sentence 1 of Group A on page 26 of  the 1963 Diamond Jubilee Series and can not interpret it:
Can someone help me.  The sentence apparently reads: “Dale reads xxxxx an hour a day.”…. with the outline spelling out “tlest”.  Can someone please help me with what the abbreviation means?

(by bowie-freddie for everyone)

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  1. Thanks Alex.  Of course, "at least".  That seems sneaky putting an unfamiliar phrase that early in the book.  I guess there is an object lesson in that.  Perhaps it will help me to know better in the future how to look it up in my DJ dictionary by thinking "This could be a phrase rather than a word."   Tom

  2. Tom that happens in my Anniversary Functional Method book a few times.  The theory or phrase or abbreviation is taught after it's given in a reading and writing exercises.   I guess it's okay that I look ahead and so I know it…. Also they did an the first part of a speed building book on that prinicipal.  They have a reading exercise and then the theory after and that theory is in the reading and writing exercise, so I've just read the theory and then the reading exercise…. yes I'm going ahead and looking through the book even though I'm not quite done with Anniversary theory  Debbi

  3. I'm studying lessom 42 and here are some other things to think about when coming to an unfamilar outline and there isn't an answer key.   1.  Ask myself, is this a brief form or phrase? 2. After transcribing the rest of the Reading and Writing Practice, go back and try to decode the unfamilar outine once again. 3. If after another attempt to decode the unfamilar outline I still find the outline meaning escapes me, make a note to come back to it the next day. 4. After 24 hrs., make another attempt to decode the unfamilar outline. If I still find the outline meaning escapes you, ask fellow members of MSN Greggshorthand Group.

  4. taaliba2, Your very early suggestion was the best.  I ran across the student's transcript (key) for the Diamond Jubilee Series Gregg Shorthand on Ebay.  That makes things so much easier.  Then I am sure I have understood the brief form I could not make out before.  Ran across it almost by accident.  Didn't know the student transcripts existed.  Tom

  5. I Didn't know the student transcripts existed either,but I now have a copy. BTW, the student transcript copy does not transcribe every lesson in the DJS. Atleast mine doesn't. So there's a small chance I'll become stuck on an outline. Hopefully this will not occur to often. But of course, I'll ask you guys for help.   And speaking of help, anybody know what that DJS outline in I am unsure of outline in Lesson 49 paragraph 438. Does it  read "federal"? Thanks a bunch.   Dear…. In March I am opening a [SOMETHING] car agency at 16 Church Road.
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