New Member here…it’s been 25+ years since I’ve taken Shorthand, but I loved it

Hi everyone!
My name is Cristine.  I’m 43 and I live outside Chicago with my husband and four Shelties.  I’m quite familliar with MSN groups as I am manager in two and an assistant manager in another.  This looks like a very organized group – I like that I don’t see any SPAM. 
It’s great to be a member here, I look forward to hearing more about Gregg Shorthand and learning about all of you.  I’m actually a bit surprised to find this group and see it’s pretty active as I had no idea anyone had any interest in Shorthand anymore. 
You may find it a little amusing how I came to become a member here. 
Recently, one of my girlfriends (who, I might add is 14 years older than I) got to talking over breakfast in a restaurant about careers and she said she used to take Shorthand, to which I added that I used to as well.  We laughed because as we’re getting to know one another it’s funny that we keep discovering things we have in common.  Shorthand is just one of many things.  So we both said we knew Gregg and quickly flipped over our paper placemats and quizzed one another with some shorthand.  We were laughing SO hard because neither of us have ever run into anyone who knows shorthand since we learned it way-back-when in school!  Now please keep in mind, I graduated high school in 1980 and Karen (my friend) probably graduated in 1967 or so. 
Since I’ve taken shorthand from 1979-1980, it’s truly remained with me, albiet occasionally.  While in school, I used to practice by writing the dialog from television shows.  Once in awhile now, I’ll pick up a piece of paper and write out (mistakes galore!) what I hear on TV.  I’m sure if I refresh my memory, it’ll all come back to me.  It’s like riding a bicycle, right? 
For some reason, I really took to Shorthand while in school.  None of the other subjects I’d taken had that effect on me, but Shorthand did.  Not only did I get straight A’s, but the teacher actually had me teaching the class for a bit during the 2nd semester.  Typing too, was another subject I took to well.  Math was my weakest subject in school.  Interestingly enough, I started off my working years in banking and worked my way up in banking for 10 years.  Keeping with the accounting/banking background, I went to work for lawfirms in the accounting department.  I never used my Shorthand skills nor really used my typing abilities. 
So anyway, after my Shorthand discussion with Karen the other day, I did a web search about Gregg Shorthand, found a nice website and then this site.  And here I am! 
Ugh…enough about me!  LOL  Gosh, I sure can go on, can’t I? 
Anyway, looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning how Shorthand is still a part of life in today’s modern society and your lives. 

(by crissy—- for everyone)

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  1. There's more than one version?  LOL  Sorry Kevin, I don't know right now.  I have an old Gregg book here (bought recently) and I'll take a look through that and see if that defines the different styles so I can answer you.    Top speed, gee whiz….don't remember that either.  It's been 25 years since I was in school.  How fast do people talk on TV?  I was able to write out the complete dialog on TV shows and commercials without any problems.    Crissy    

  2. Chrissy I didn't realize there was too many different versions or what it was all about before this group.  I had a Diamond Jubilee book that I learned and then found an old (1930's) book and it was different, but didn't think anything of it, just figured it had changed a little.  LOL. Debbi PS:  I was never good at math either (and I'm not in banking to prove it) but typing I as good at.  However, no shorthand classes when I went to high school.

  3. Speaking of math, you are 43 years old and you graduated in 1980?  Wouldn't this mean you graduated high school at the age of 22?   Anyway, welcome to the group!  Normal speech is about 150 WPM, so if you didn't omit any words and could transcribe it into type well, then you write at about 150 WPM.  Since you learned it in 1979 (Series 90 era), it amazes me that you could do that. 🙂  That is, unless your class learned a previous system of Gregg Shorthand.   Do you remember what your textbook looked like?   Like I said on my Web site,, it amazes me how so many people knew Gregg Shorthand just ten or twenty years ago, and how it is now completely unknown to the current generation (the one of which I am a part).   If you have any theory questions at all, just ask us! 🙂   —Andrew

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