It’s nice to have someone else interested in medical shorthand. NDP stands for Doctor of Nursing Practice: I wonder how one would write NDP in shorthand–use intersection? 

bjb29407 for everyone)



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  1. I learned DJ.. .in Diamond Jubilee you'd likely
    use the angled n-d-p… this kind of often-used
    abbreviation calls for your own device…
    I also learned Simplified after I had learned
    DJ… I worked with a secretary who took Simplified,
    so I managed to learn a mix of the two… the
    admixture of the two is quite effective and fast —
    if Gregg ever came out again as "new and improved,"
    I'd suggest simply taking DJ and Simplified and mixing
    the two!!!

    If I were writing NDP, I'd write it as the curved outlines
    nd-p — it's faster!

    st. petersburg, fla

  2. I see Alibris has a used Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual and Dictionary by Effie Smither for $4.75 plus postage.  They also have a 1960 one for $5.45, but I suspect this is also a later re-edition on the 1953 one.  Does anyone know if they have a copy?  It would probably be in the Simplified format.  Don't think I will spring for it as I already have purchased several Gregg books lately and my wife and I are still trying to downsize in anticipation of moving.   I am interested in others, such as bjb2907 who also uses Gregg in medical settings. Is it useful, considering medicine already has its own unique abbreviations?  I am a retired clinical psychologist who keeps his hand in the profession by doing part time work in nursing homes.  I take some of my  brief therapy notes in Gregg.  Helps maintain patient privacy in crowded situations.   Tom

  3. I have a copy of the 1953 book and it is in Simplified, as well as the earlier editions in Anniversary. The 1960 book is a reprint of the 1953 one. Are you looking for something in DJS? I know of two books that were printed in the DJS era, but don't know if they are in DJS:

    1. "The Medical Secretary, Terminology and Transcription", by Kathleen Berger Root and Edward E. Byers, Third Edition (1967, 406 pages, ISBN:0070535868)

    2. "Gregg Medical Shorthand Dictionary for Secretaries, Stenographers, Typists, and Students", by Edward E. Byers and Jerome P. Edelman (1978, 342 pages, ISBN: 0070095043).

    Words in medical shorthand in Simplified Gregg (as opposed to Anniv) are almost spelled out, save for a few beginnings and endings, which are not hard to remember.

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